1000 Rupee Note (Ek Hazarachi Note) Review – A Simple Film That Fills Your Soul

Budhi, a widow lives in a small village in Maharashtra, India. Her only son, a young farmer, has committed suicide. Though poor and left alone in the world, she leads a cheerful life. She is particularly fond of her neighbor, young Sudama with whom she shares the small pleasures of life. When a local politician gives her a few 1000 Rupee notes at an election rally, she and Sudama go shopping to the nearby market with her newfound wealth, but fate has other plans for them.

A simple heart warming story, yet so powerful. The viewer is drawn to Budhi in the first ten minutes of the movie. At a shoemaker, she is declined service when he realizes she doesn’t have enough money to pay him. Instead of being upset, she takes a nail and repairs it herself. The movie then takes us through her day to day life. Having only the basic necessities, and enjoying a simple cup of tea with her neighbor, are all the things Budhi needs to live peacefully. When given the 1000 rupee note she weaves a plan of buying a new sari for herself, and gifts for the neighbor and his family. But fortune doesn’t always bring with it good luck. The struggles she faces teaches us a valuable lesson of not taking the little you have for granted. What you believe you want, may not bring you the happiness you hoped for.

The simplicity of the characters comes across the screen, as does the honesty the actors play them with. Although they have very little, the viewer experiences several emotions, ranging from sadness for the plight of the characters, to pure joy at seeing how happy they are with so little. Though Budhi’s son’s death brings with it grief, she learns to move on and live her life, drawing the audience in to feel as one with her.

The director, Shrihari Sathe is a New York and Mumbai-based independent filmmaker and producer. His vision was brilliantly showcased in this film. It took me back to my grandmother’s house in India and reminded me of how she went about raising her family. I would highly recommend this film and say go support independent cinema! We need more films like this.

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Winner of over 30 awards from film festivals around the world, the critically acclaimed motion picture 1000 RUPEE NOTE opens theatrically on September 23 in New York. The movie has won both the Special Jury Award (Silver Peacock) and Centenary Award for Best Film at the International Film Festival of India. It also swept the Maharashtra State Film Awards winning Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress (Special Mention), and Best Supporting Actor.  Opening weekends are the most crucial for independent films so please support Shrihari Sathe and let’s give him a great turn out!

International critics have raved about 1000 RUPEE NOTE with the Times of India remarking “the director has struck gold with his first film!”

Sathe, himself, will be doing a special Q & A session with the audience opening weekend at the Village East theater in NYC. Go see the movie and meet the man behind it!

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1000 Rupee Note (Ek Hazarachi Note) Review – A Simple Film That Fills Your Soul

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