The Top 10 Shows You Should Be Watching This Season

It’s about that time of year we put the beach towels away and pull up the blankets as Autumn approaches. What a perfect time to spend the evenings and weekends at home catching up on the new seasons of our favorite shows like The Walking Dead and Quantico, or even start new ones like The Good Place and Pitch! Fortunately for all you TV-lovers out there, we at DissDash, put together this fall’s top ten new seasons and new shows just for you!

  1. Man With A Plan

Matt LeBlanc (Friends) returns to our television screens on October 24th on CBS with his new sitcom Man With A Plan. LeBlanc plays Adam Burns, a contractor who takes over the position of a stay-at-home dad when his wife gets busy with work. Though he establishes the fatherly role with his three children, LeBlanc still maintains the same goofy elements of Joey from Friends. Be sure to tune in with the Burns on CBS this October!

Matt LeBlanc

  1. The Good Place

It’s not too late to catch up on this brand new sitcom on NBC. The comedy, produced by the creators of Parks and Recreation and The Office, premiered on Monday, September 19th starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, who play two people living in the afterlife. Michael (Danson) explains to Eleanor Shellstrop (Bell) that she had been rewarded with the luxuries of living in the good place for all the good deeds she has done when she was alive. However, the stories of good deeds are unfamiliar to Eleanor, who soon realizes that she does not belong in the good place at all. This fresh and entertaining plot is definitely a show worth checking out!

The Good Place

  1. The Flash

This one’s definitely a crowd favorite. The Flash’s third season premiere hits the CW on October 4th this year. The synopsis closely follows the DC Comics character, Barry Allen, who becomes the Flash after being struck by lightning. After discovering his new power of super speed, he later finds out that he is not alone in the world with superpowers, and seeks out to find others with powers, as well as people who have caused harm to his past. Season 2 left us with another major predicament that has had audiences eagerly waiting for the opening of Season 3 coming out next month.

The flash gif

  1. Quantico

Season 1, which premiered on September 27th of last year, opened up the show at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Members of the academy come from different stories and backgrounds with one dream. However, one member from this group of FBI trainees had been involved with a major terrorist attack against America. Protagonist Alex Parrish, played by Bollywood star and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, was pinned as a suspect. Alex tries to clear her name and find the truth behind the attack, ending season 1 with an offer for her to work with the CIA. IMDb gave Season 1 a 7.2/10, Metacritic a 70% and Rotten Tomatoes an 83%. Not bad for the first season. With a hot leading actress combined with lots of action and drama, how can you resist? Be sure to check out Season 2 of Quantico September 25th on ABC.

Quantico Priyanka Chopra

  1. The Walking Dead

A group of people get tangled up with the mess of a zombie apocalypse in America, and fight for their lives against the “walkers” and other groups of survivors who have gone mad. It’s a rocky road for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his team, who tragically lose faithful members and struggle to find the trust of new ones. The last episode of the previous season left all audiences with the cliffhanger of a lifetime. The Walking Dead fans have been anticipating Season 7 all summer, which returns October 23th on AMC. Be sure to mark this date to find out what happens next to the group.

The Walking Dead

  1. This Is Us

NBC gives us a brand new family drama that premiered on Tuesday September 20th. Tune in to follow the stories of people who are very different but share the same birthdays and other qualities. They include a pregnant woman (Mandy Moore) and her husband (Milo Ventimiglia) who are expecting triplets, an unsatisfied actor (Justin Hartley), a man reuniting with his father (Sterling K. Brown), and a woman struggling with obesity (Chrissy Metz). As their paths cross and stories unveil, the show teaches us that there is so much more to people than we think we know. This show is a must watch!

This Is Us

  1. Supergirl- Same creators of the Flash and Arrow

Melissa Benoist stars as the protagonist, Kara Danvers, a 24-year old Kryptonian living on Earth with an adopted family, thanks to her older cousin, Superman. After hiding her super powers for nearly a decade, Kara begins to practice and perfect them to maintain justice for her community . Season 1 premiered on October 26th of last year and had successful results. The last episode raked up over 6 million views, and critics praised its single season, wondering when the next one will be begin. The show had been renewed and switched from CBS to the CW network, and the teaser trailers for this show seem promising and more hyped up with action, so definitely keep an eye out for October 10th.

Supergirl gif

  1. Pitch

Based on a true story, this upcoming series follows the life of Ginny Baker, played by Kylie Bunbury, the first woman to play in Major League Baseball. Ginny must face the pressure from representing her team, the San Diego Padres, her father, and women around the world with her screwball pitch that would change the game. This amazing upcoming drama series premieres September 22nd on Fox.


  1. Marvel’s Luke Cage

For all you Netflix users, here’s one to grab the popcorn and chill with. If you’ve seen the Netflix original series, Jessica Jones, you might be familiar with her friend Luke Cage (Mike Colter). But if you haven’t seen it (though it is recommended you do!), Luke plays an ex-convict with superhuman strength and untarnishable skin. But this new Netflix original focuses on his life, where we learn about how his powers came to be, and how he uses them to live in Harlem, New York, where crime must be defeated. This action-packed series breaks through September 30th, only on Netflix.

Luke Cage

  1. Designated Survivor

Keifer Sutherland seems to be very busy protecting America even after the completion of his popular TV series, 24. In Designated Survivor Sutherland plays Tom Kirkman, a man who finds himself to be the last standing Cabinet member after destruction strikes the Capitol Building and the country is need of a new president. Though he takes the position, many people in government including himself, have doubts for his capabilities to run the country, especially in its state of havoc. The show does give a promising trailer, with many battles Kirkman must face against both terrorism and rivalries within his own government. This new political drama thriller also starring Natascha McElhone, and Kal Penn begins on September 21st on ABC.

Designated Survivor

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The Top 10 Shows You Should Be Watching This Season

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