Why Priyanka Chopra Should Be Concerned About Her Concussion And Its Possible Consequences

Leading actress of ABC’s Quantico Priyanka Chopra had taken a nasty fall recently during a minor incident while working on set for the television series. The actress was taken to the emergency room where she was examined and treated for a concussion. Under doctor’s orders, Chopra took the weekend off from work to stay home and rest. While recovering at home she thanked her fans for their concern. Luckily our favorite star has recovered and is back at work. With a heavy blow to the head, her injury could have given her some serious consequences, which is why it is important to be able to identify a concussion and seek treatment right away.

Priyanka Chopra reaches out to her fans after incident on set of Quantico.

Concussions are a common result of accidents and can happen to anyone. By definition, a concussion is usually caused by a strong and direct blow to the head and affects your brain. Sometimes it is referred to as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The scary part about having a concussion is that the effects are different for everyone. Symptoms range from physical, mental, and emotional effects. It is very important to know whether you have it or not because your brain becomes confused, and doesn’t function normally when you do get a concussion. Though they are frequent among children and athletes, studies have revealed that females experience concussions more than men, suffering from more severe symptoms, and slower recovery rates.

As mentioned earlier, every person experiences concussions differently. One myth that floats around about them is that losing consciousness is a regular symptom. Though it is possible to be unconscious after a major accident, this effect doesn’t occur for everyone. Losing consciousness and other symptoms depend on the victim and the cause of injury. The different levels of concussions are mild, moderate, and severe, and they can each be identified by the types of symptoms you have and their duration. For example, when you have a mild TBI, you don’t lose consciousness but your symptoms may last for about 15 minutes or less. If your symptoms last for more than 15 minutes, and you are still conscious, you have a moderate concussion. Severe concussions are identified when the person loses consciousness.

Symptoms sometimes don’t appear until days or weeks after the injury. When they last for only a few seconds it’s hard for people to recognize them. Some signs that may be present after a head injury include headache, sleep deprivation, poor memory, nausea, and sense sensitivity. More symptoms can be found here

To determine the seriousness of your condition, visit a doctor for examination. The doctor may ask questions about how the incident happened. He/she will want to know about your symptoms, how long they occur, how often, and if they get worse over time. If the patient has a mild or moderate concussion, the best treatment is to rest and wait until the symptoms disappear before performing daily activities. Priyanka Chopra most likely had a mild or moderate concussion because taking time off work was enough for recovery.

Depending on how the doctor examines the concussion, only one day of rest or perhaps a week may be recommended. Rest is absolutely essential when it comes to concussions because the brain needs time to heal and return to its normal state. The second most important thing is to avoid getting another concussion. Many athletes often return to playing a game after being struck in the head. This puts the player at higher risk of another concussion, which will lead to slower recovery and possibly long term symptoms. When concussions are repeated over time, dangerous consequences for the brain may occur, such as permanent brain damage, long-term disabilities, or death.

With the annual Superbowl coming up, it should be pointed out that the NFL reported 271 diagnosed concussions in 2015. The amount increased at an alarming rate since 2014 when 206 concussions were reported. The American Academy of Neurology performed a study on retired NFL players and found that 40% of them evidently had abnormal brain structures. They had difficulty in performing essential tasks such as planning and problem solving. By July 2016 the NFL and the NFL Players’ Association took action and announced a new policy called the NFL Game Day Concussion Protocol which investigates incidents that involve traumatic brain injuries. With strict processes enforced by heavy fines, the health and safety of the players are protected.

Concussion occur after a direct blow to the head.
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Why Priyanka Chopra Should Be Concerned About Her Concussion And Its Possible Consequences

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