Beauty aka Emma Watson Wishes Indians A Happy Holi!

Hermione from Harry Potter is back as Belle aka Beauty. You must have heard about the Beauty and the Beast live action remake by now. Starring Emma Watson as Belle, the film is directed by Bill Condon. Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens plays the role of the Beast. The film takes digital wizardry to the next level with mesmerizing dance sequences and 3D as it recreates the classic cartoon from Disney.

Emma Watson, in an exclusive video, took time out of her busy schedule and is seen wishing Happy Holi to Indians and urging them to watch her upcoming film.  

Emma Watson has come a long way from her Harry Potter days. She has grown up and evolved as a person. She has recently made headlines as she explained why she won’t take photographs with her fans. She has also been vocal about her feminist beliefs. She is a woman’s rights activist as a UN Goodwill Ambassador for the HeForShe campaign. She also visited Bangladesh and Zambia to help underprivileged women.

Beauty and the Beast has generated its fair share of controversies so far. Emma is a known feminist but her recent Vanity Fair cover came under fire since it went against her previously “quoted” views on nudity. Emma has clarified her views and feminism isn’t a belief set in stone. There is also an uproar about a gay theme (which is barely a blink!)in the movie. Some devout Christians are going as far as to ask for the ban of film.

We for one are excited to see Emma light up the screen in this upcoming film. The release date of film is March 17 in the US, be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

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Beauty aka Emma Watson Wishes Indians A Happy Holi!

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