Bollywood’s Royalty: The Kapoor Family

Unless you absolutely have no idea about Bollywood, you are sure to know about the Kapoor Family. Currently, entertaining us with its fourth generation, the Kapoors are practically the royalty of tinsel town, and they most definitely look the part.

The first monarch of the family, Prithviraj Kapoor started his career during the silent movies era, in 1929, with Cinema Girl. His escalation was tremendous and he became the pioneer of Prithvi Theaters at Mumbai.


His three sons, the famous Raj Kapoor, acknowledged as the greatest showman of Indian cinema; Shammi Kapoor, the man who made the term ‘Yahoo!!’ more famous than the Internet ever did and Shashi Kapoor, the quintessential golden boy of Bollywood with a charm that few can ever beat; went on to glorify the next generation of the Kapoor clan. They carried forward the legacy with the grace and grit that was expected of them.

Of the second generation the children of Raj Kapoor went on to keep up the name of the family and we had remarkable actors in the form of Randhir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor. They married famous yesteryear actresses Babita and Neetu Singh respectively and gave us the next generation who have awed us from when we were kids.

Karishma Kapoor was barely 16 years old when she entered the fray of Bollywood. Though she never received the fame and stardom that her younger sister Kareena got, Karishma was the blue-eyed innocent princess that everyone loved. Kareena came years later as a vivacious and outgoing queen who reigned the arena long before she became a ‘begum’ for real.

Ranbir Kapoor is the reigning heartthrob of Bollywood today and shows as much promise and charm as both his parents.

The fifth generation is also ready to be launched, with Navya Naveli Nanda making waves already. And we can only expect great things from the rest, including the little Taimur (who started creating waves the moment he was born), as the legacy and lineage they hold are beyond comparison.



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Bollywood’s Royalty: The Kapoor Family

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