Let’s Meet The Vivacious Deepa Iyengar On DissDash!

Deepa Iyengar

She exudes confidence and grace. Along with being a professional dancer and choreographer, Deepa Iyengar is also a stunning person with the zeal to win over the world with her dance moves.

Born to a family of dancers and musicians, her journey as a dancer began at a very young age. An avid Bollywood fan, she started dancing and choreographing even before she was formally trained in Kuchipudi (a classical Indian dance form). Even as a child, she remembers having a good visual memory and picking up complex dance moves by simply watching songs on television. She mastered the 3-year course of Kuchipudi in about a month and soon started teaching and choreographing songs in the classical form as well.


Deepa started choreographing songs for stage shows from a very young age. She loves being involved in the whole process of finding dancers, training them and designing costumes. She has been conducting cultural shows for many years now and has done over 200 shows throughout her childhood and college days.

She started her own YouTube Channel, Deepa Dance, to have a visual to showcase her work as the videos from her old shows did not do justice to her talent. With the YouTube channel, Deepa got the opportunity shoot her dance in music video style. She wanted to showcase not only her great choreography and dance, but also how she looked on camera, how she directed the songs and also her costume designs. “I wanted to star in my own dance video, the way I want. Be the boss of my own work,” she says.

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Deepa had previously worked as an IT consultant, but currently teaches private dance lessons. She has noticed that expressing herself through this channel has helped people becoming more aware of her. She hopes that someday all her hard work would lead to a more gratifying opportunity of either dancing or choreographing for a movie.

Her YouTube channel, which had about 10K subscribers in September 2016, now has over 74K subscribers. “I didn’t think this would happen but it’s just happening – you can’t predict these things. This is the right time to use social media and showcase everything you are capable of and worthy of,” says Deepa.


Having worked on Bollywood shows when she was young, she has learned a lot about the industry. “I hosted shows; I’ve met all sorts of actors etc. I learned that after speaking to them, you really need to have the right connections and network. You have to know the other person is really passionate about you and not wasting your time. My goal is to be happy and do the things I want that peak my creative side and be creative all the time and enjoy the journey. I don’t live by saying or thinking I want to land X amount of subscribers by the end of the year.”

Though she has received offers for Bollywood movies for more than choreography, she has yet to find an offer that suits her tastes.

Deepa loves to choreograph songs with traditional Bollywood steps infused with classical Indian dance. She says, “Baji Rao Mastani is my style of dancing.”

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She is being bombarded with song requests from her fans with new songs every day. She likes to go with the songs she likes, which are also trending and fit her style of dancing. Check out her upcoming video on her YouTube channel here!


For every person who aspires to excel in the field of any art Deepa says, “Look at the little progressions, then when you look back you’ll see how far you’ve come along. Consistent results are very important because we all want instant gratification. It is best not to compare yourself to anyone else. Never look at someone else’s life. Your journey is different from everyone else.”


You go girl! From all of us at DissDash we wish you a brilliant career and we can only hope that when we put on our dancing shoes, we shall be able to follow at least a fraction of your dance moves!

Here is  a clip of Deepa stopping by at DissDash, along with a compilation of her dance videos:

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Let’s Meet The Vivacious Deepa Iyengar On DissDash!

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