Rishi Kapoor Uses Twitter To Share His Humor And Wisdom

Remember the first time you heard about people receiving “Friend Requests” on Facebook from their parents? And then it happened to you. Remember how unusual it was seeing adults use Facebook, which was once the top site to hear about the latest party or see how drunk your friends got last weekend, as an outlet to share adorable videos of kittens and comment on statuses asking rhetorical questions? We all thought it was odd but then came Twitter.

Adults LOVE tweeting their random thoughts on things during the day. One adult in particular, Rishi Kapoor! It’s one thing to see your dad comment on a friend’s picture but it’s another to see your dad’s tweets go viral. Wonder how Ranbir feels, ha!

Rishi Kapoor has gotten infamous over his tweets, some often being a bit brash and rude. Any type of criticism over his tweets leads to the fellow tweeter being blocked from ever viewing Kapoor’s worldly thoughts. He has a point. I mean why put yourself through having to follow and read someone’s tweets you don’t agree with? Let’s keep it all positive people!

The legend tweets about anything and everything including his new autobiography titled Khullam Khulla. Like his tweets, his book is also uncensored. Politics are also open for discussion among his fans. That can sometimes get a little awkward and Kapoor isn’t afraid to tell them exactly how he feels.

The funny man is continuously keeping us laughing and entertained with his words and his 1.5 million followers seem to think so as well. From replying to his fans, to shaming the Internet trolls, he keeps it calm and cool and doesn’t regret or apologize for anything that comes off his keyboard.

Rishi Kapoor OWNED twitter last year and we hope he continues to tweet and retweet his heart out!

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Rishi Kapoor Uses Twitter To Share His Humor And Wisdom

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