We’ll Never Let Go, Jack (Pearson) – How The Show ‘This Is Us’ Has Made Us Reevaluate Family


Tonight is the season finale of the super hit NBC series, “This Is Us” and our imagination is racing wild with the possibilities of how it will end. The way that show has crept up into our hearts and left us without tissues has amazed the nation. This unique and beautiful story of the ages comes through a family of five and their lives growing up together and then individually. It has taught us the significance of family and the importance of our relationships. If you’re still living under a rock and have not started the series, I suggest binge watching now since the season finale is tonight!

For all of us experts who know can’t stop creating our own Jack Pearsons in our minds, we all know what tonight will bring. Lots of sorrow and heartbreak, not only for Jack’s tight knit family but also for his fans. Charming Milo Ventimiglia plays the role of Jack in the series and has become a sensation for women everywhere, mostly because of the way he looks at his wife, Rebecca Pearson, played by the ravishing Mandy Moore. But also because of the way he cares for his three children. He is a model father and has given other men major dad goals.  Milo and Mandy aside, the entire family’s chemistry together has been represented to be picture perfect on the Internet and couples have started to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of their daily schedules to really evaluate their relationships. Dan Fogelman, creator of the phenomenal series, really hit a homerun with the cast.

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We left the last episode, “What Now?”, in the past, as Jack was driving away from the bar he was at to find Rebecca and resolve their lingering issues. We started off thinking Jack might cheat with that slut from his office, but had continuous faith in Jack and Becky. Since she is two hours away on tour with her band, we probably know this isn’t the best idea for him to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. Producers of the show purposefully had Jack drop his keys on screen right before getting into the car. This probably meant nothing except they had Jack call his 15 year old daughter, Kate, played by Hannah Ziele, saying it was time he fixed things with her mother. Now all of that also might not mean much but when it’s all added simultaneously with 36 year old Kate, portrayed by the remarkable Chrissy Metz, telling her now fiancé, Toby, played perfectly by Chris Sullivan, that the reason she never openly speaks about her father’s passing is because it’s her fault he died. This startling revelation can’t help us think that Jack obviously gets into a car accident after drinking and driving. Right????

There are DOZENS of crazy theories trolling the Internet right now, but by putting the pieces together, this ending makes the most sense. Tonight’s episode is titled “Moonshadow” and the eeriness of it is bringing some foreshadowing as well. The suspense has been killing us since last week but after stocking up on Kleenex this past weekend, we are fully prepared for whatever our favorite show throws at us next!

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We’ll Never Let Go, Jack (Pearson) – How The Show ‘This Is Us’ Has Made Us Reevaluate Family

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