Date With Daniel: A Rendezvous With Diply’s Kirstine Stewart


Daniel Pillai and Kristine Stewart
We are proud to announce our new partnership with Daniel Pillai as he cruises with celebrities and gives us our daily dose of fashion, film, food and fabulosity. Look out for his segments titled Date With Daniel & F’D With Daniel right here on DissDash!

This week on Date With Daniel we meet the charming Kirstine Stewart as she talks about her experiences in the corporate world. The author of Our Turn, which chronicles her experiences as a woman climbing the ladder in a male-dominated world. Kirstine has been the head of programming at CBC, VP of Twitter Canada and is currently working as the Chief Strategy Officer at Diply.

Kristine's Book

With so many feathers in her cap, Kirstine is a real powerhouse, an inspiring success story, and a role model for today’s women all around the world. The book motivates and draws examples from her extensive leadership experiences as she takes the conversation about women and work to a whole new level! She talks about the constant battle that women have to endure to find the right path and grappling with notions that society sets for them.

Watch the interview here as Kirstine has a candid conversation with Daniel about how she aspires to compel more women to play significant roles in the corporate world and fight against the cliched what others want and to really be who you are.

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Date With Daniel: A Rendezvous With Diply’s Kirstine Stewart

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