Instagram Influencers: 5 People Who Turned Celebs on Instagram

Social media is changing literally everything about our lives – how we talk, buy, date, debate. And now, how people acquire celebrity status. From Snapchat to Instagram to Twitter, gaining a large following is the latest shortcut to celebritydom. Of course, the perks come with the status.

Big brands today are shelling out an unimaginable sum to Instagram celebs i.e. people with a massive following. These people have turned their life around through the power of social media. They are now in the public eye and have Instagram to thank for their fan base. Many of them work with brands to promote their products, all while happily clicking away.

Gabrielle Epstein

This 21-year Australian boasts of a massive following on Instagram and makes money through promotional content. According to her, what she earns from posting a selfie is more than what she would working four days as a model! Her feed often sees pictures from her life, sprinkled with subtle product placements. Each post can get up to 25,000 likes and companies are more than happy to ride on Gabrielle’s popularity by offering her endorsements.

Handle: @gabbyepstein

Navpreet Banga

This health and fitness vlogger got famous after her uncanny resemblance to Priyanka Chopra sprang in media. The Quantico actress herself was quite surprised with her doppelganger’s images, which went viral on Instagram. Banga is a weightlifter who moved to Canada from India in childhood. She can speak English, Hindi and Punjabi and has a year-old YouTube channel where she shares working out and weightlifting techniques, healthy recipes and fun videos.

Handle: @browngirllifts

Ali Maffuci

For Ali, it started when her mother turned zucchini to spaghetti with a veggie twister. Two months later, she quit her job and started a blog. She says Instagram is the biggest platform for her outreach and engagement with followers. She’s a self-taught cook and author who earns $1,000 to $40,000 per campaign.

Handle: @inspiralized

Manpreet Toor

Based out of California, Manpreet is a Malaysian dancer and teacher who saw fame through her social media channels. She is the reigning expert on fun, desi-style mehndi and sangeet routines, which she regularly shares through her Instagram page. She’s been teaching for over 12 years, specializing in Gidda and Bhangra.

Handle: @toor.manpreet

Deepica Mutalya

Deepica Mutyala got famous in beauty circles after her ingenious red lipstick hack for concealing dark circles. She is a marketing major who later on went to work at at Birchbox in NYC. In January 2015, she launched her own YouTube beauty channel. Beauty enthusiasts swear by her hacks and tricks to transform one’s look. We were fortunate enough to have a one-on-one with Deepica not too long ago. Check it out here:

Handle: @deepicam

Farah Dhukai

Farah is another desi beauty expert with a massive following. She has been creating YouTube content for over four years as a one-stop for all things style: hair tutorials, makeup routines, skincare and more!

Handle: @farahdhukai

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Instagram Influencers: 5 People Who Turned Celebs on Instagram

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