The Rising Dead Bodies Of Religious Fanaticism In India And Pakistan

india-pakistanThe brutal murder of Mashal Khan in Pakistan a few days ago has once again brought to the fore the religious fanaticism still prevalent in the South Asian region.

Born out of religious differences, India and Pakistan have always been overly sensitive towards religious issues. Where blasphemy is a major political issue in Pakistan, right-wing Hindu conservatism is peaking in India.

mashal khan

Mashal, a journalism student studying at a University in Mardan was brutally lynched by a mob for his secular thoughts and opinions. No evidence of any blasphemous comment has yet been brought forward by the authorities. The mob which attacked Mashal included students of the University. Till date, 22 people have been arrested in relation to this killing.

pehlu khan

In India, the death of a 55-year-old man, Pehlu Khan, due to the mob attack on him while transporting cattle in Rajasthan draws the picture of a different kind of religious fanaticism in the country. With the central government having its roots in communalism, cow vigilantes have been emboldened, as persecution against them is minimal.

In the 21st-century, many argue that we live in a world of freedom and forward thinking. The millennials often claim that they belong to a generation which is more open-minded and we are better than the previous generations. But what we are still seeing in India and Pakistan forces us to think that the picture is not as rosy as it is painted to be.

May it be those college students who attacked and killed their fellow student because of his beliefs, or the young men who roam the streets of India claiming to be the holders of Hindu religion and killing people to protect animals; goes to show no matter how developed we may claim to be and ridicule anyone who tries to call a country poor or underdeveloped; the truth remains that our roots have been rotten by concepts of the religion based on violence and the need to display a misunderstood supremacy.

The police have failed in these countries to protect the freedoms granted to their citizens as they were mere bystanders in all these situations. The political leaders displayed shock in international forums to save face but did little on the ground in their own country to control the situation.

These people are not God-fearing or God-loving; they have become God-bearing and have brought down their own religion to become a fickle notion, which they need to protect by perpetuating violence. It is sad to see that the people who were crying foul over discrimination due to religious beliefs on foreign shores promote such violence and terrorism in their homeland.

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The Rising Dead Bodies Of Religious Fanaticism In India And Pakistan

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