Sonu Nigam – A Big Disappointment With His Tweet Against The Azaan And “Forced Religiousness”

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Though Sonu Nigam very philosophically states in his status message that he is nothing, nothing matters and nothing is everything; the problem with having a verified account on Twitter, nowadays, actually makes you something or rather someone important enough to be noticed.

So if you suddenly decide to make your Monday morning blues public to the whole world, then you shall be aptly blessed by Twitterati with all the furor that they can generate.

For all those who still don’t know what happened, here is a short roundup: Sonu Nigam was woken up from his slumber with the sound of Azaan. This irritated him. Then he made the mistake of posting about it on Twitter.

And he is being rightly bludgeoned by all and sundry on Twitter for his insensitive comments. But such comments go beyond the general hyperbole and in India, it can soon get into a communal fight between the two communities who have always been on the edge. The replies to Sonu Nigam’s comment blatantly show the sensitivity of people in India when it comes to religious matters.

It’s about time that public figures understand that social media is a potent mixture of appreciation and hate in equal measure. Loose comments like these are bound to hurt the sentiments of certain sections of the society and thus, does not promote a healthy environment for the country.

And for the social media fanatics, let us not wear our hearts on our sleeves and behave as if a few words from someone can affect the sanctity of a religion. Social media is a personal space in the public domain and the freedom of speech is the primary torchbearer of it. Let us not stoop so low and behave as if this is the end of the Hindu-Muslim friendship era.

And as for Mr. Sonu Nigam, it would do well for you to have a little restraint and not cause a communal divide in a country which is already too volatile on this subject.

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  1. Sonu Nigam is an absolute Legend, he’s a hard working and gentle man and one of the most humblest in the music industry, anyone in the music industry knows the hours that get worked and the un social times, so when you do finally get the rest any noise is gonna get to you, I’m sure he’s well aware of not ranting on about it in the tweets, but he’s only human 🙏🏼

Sonu Nigam – A Big Disappointment With His Tweet Against The Azaan And “Forced Religiousness”

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