Trudeau’s Canada Proves to Be More Accommodative Than Trump’s USA


Trump’s government, since the time it came to power, has brought in some very drastic measures that have put the entire world in complete confusion as far as visiting the country is concerned. Citizens across the world, including those from the northern neighbor Canada, stood clueless when the US laid down stringent rules from allowing them to enter the country. Even though these inconsiderate steps were put on hold by the federal judges in the US, many Canadians, as well as the people holding dual citizenship, are facing a lot of unwanted hardships. Not just that, the recent killings of the Indian citizens residing in the US has terrorized everyone even more.


If this is the case with Trump’s USA, the Canadian Prime Minister, on the other hand, extended his support to welcome global citizens to his country, against the baseless bans put down by the US President who made things difficult for people. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered honorary Canadian citizenship to the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai. Mr. Trudeau truly commended Malala’s efforts for girls’ rights for education all over the world. He said that the “bullet is no match for an idea” which is completely directed towards the empowerment of women globally.


Ms. Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl aged 19, who survived the Taliban’s bullet attack outside her school in Swat Valley, for her bold campaign against the denial of education to women in her country, had earned this severe punishment from the terror group. She received proper treatment in London, where she further continued her secondary education. This brave act of hers was acclaimed worldwide for which she received the United Nations Messenger of Peace and also the Nobel Peace Prize; she is the youngest woman in the world to receive both these honorary awards at the age of 17.

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The Canadian Prime Minister has shown that his country is quite accommodative, as far as the settling down of foreigners there is concerned, and this huge step is proof. It is way better than the US as far as amenities such as health care, political progression with the introduction of homosexual marriages, and multicultural harmony are concerned. The Canadians come out as gentle and polite people who are genuinely proud of their country and are always ready to come to the aid of anyone as against the US citizens who are generally seen as more recluse and less accommodative.

Maybe the Trump led USA needs to take notice of what its neighbors are doing for global good, instead of focussing totally on the “American” way of leading the nation.

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Trudeau’s Canada Proves to Be More Accommodative Than Trump’s USA

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