Tune In Tuesdays: Punjabi By Nature


Our featured artist this week is British musician, Punjabi By Nature AKA PBN!

The singer and producer has an impressive history of creating music and tracks that really put his fans in a frenzy. The U.K. based artist is not only know for the tracks he performs himself, but also for the songs he produces and writes. This South Asian is definitely a triple threat in the music industry. He’s produced some super hot tracks and is known to bring the heat among the Desi community.

Some of your favorite songs were created by PBN and we bet you didn’t even know it! He’s collaborated with some of the hottest South Asian artists such as Bambi, Serena and Raj Bains! We all remember when he dropped the banger “Aakhiyan” almost a decade ago and just recently he showed us how unstoppable he is with “Phatte Chuk Di”!

He recently released a single which already has over a million views on YouTube and his fans are not disappointed one bit. “Bhangra Paundi” has typical Bhangra beats with some original PBN flare. It’s the perfect summer song at any blowout on the dance floor, and it even features our favorite dancer, Manpreet Toor and Sharky P.

Check out the collaboration here, we’re sure you’ll wanna jam out after!


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Tune In Tuesdays: Punjabi By Nature

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