Date with Daniel: In Chat With Vivacious Pamela Mala Sinha

Our partner, Daniel Pillai, has come up with an interesting episode of a candid chat with actor, writer Pamela Mala Sinha of Breakaway and What We Have fame. With her critically acclaimed debut play Crash receiving raving reviews, Ms. Sinha has given to society a rare work of wonder wherein she confidently brings out the emotions of a rape victim and her post recovery period. This play was nominated for six Dora Mavor Moore Awards and won four, including Outstanding New Play, and Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress.

Pamela Mala Sinha

Pamela Mala Sinha was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and later settled in Toronto, Ontario. Her acting career has spanned between films, television and theater that include What We Have, Breakaway (films), Remedy, ER, Huff (television); CRASH and Love, Loss and Longing (plays) are her plays published in an anthology by Bloomsbury (UK) and Playwrights Canada Press, respectively.

In the interview with Daniel, Pamela explains the intensity of the play Crash in which she enacts her role playing the victim. It is a solo act and she wanted it to be seen as a “standalone artistic piece,” as she puts it. The play in fact portrays the love that the actor has for her family and the suffering they go through as a whole, dealing with a social injustice committed towards a woman and the loss of one of the pillars, the support system of the family.

Pamela in Crash

Ms. Sinha, who in real life has experienced such an injustice done to her, recuperating through an inexplicably tough time in her life, has chiseled herself as an artist today, who carries that pain as a shadow of herself, but never letting it take over her or captivate her creativity. It truly is a commendable effort on her side to face this rough and tough world with so much courage and just face it with a new perception. Kudos to this self-made woman!

She is now busy with her next play, New, commissioned by Soulpepper. Indeed her fans would be eager to find out all about it, and so are we.

Here is the video of Pamela Mala Sinha’s interview with Daniel, proudly presented to you by DissDash.



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Date with Daniel: In Chat With Vivacious Pamela Mala Sinha

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