Young South Asians Making Strides In STEM In The US

Young innovators

Young South Asians are making strides in STEM fields in the US. Many big science research competitions today always have South Asians bagging most of the big prizes. It is clear that South Asians are determined to be second to none in any field. From art and literature to science and technology – they are making their strong presence felt in almost every area and are giving tough competition to the strongest of  competitors from the most advanced countries. It cannot be denied that the monopoly of the US over science and technology is being challenged by Asia today. So, let us meet some rising young talents who have made a mark in STEM fields. Their success and awards have not only surprised, but also become an inspiration for many:

Sai Kiran P

Sai Kiran P

He is eighteen years old and from Chennai in India. He came up with the astonishing idea of using elevators to make human settlement possible on the moon. Sai received the second prize in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, 2017 (grade 12 category) for the award-winning idea on which he had started working on way back in 2013. He had also prepared a detailed thesis on it titled, “Connecting Moon, Earth, and Space”. The NASA competition was about finding out the possibility of human settlement on the moon. His thesis also explores how a realistic space habitat can be made possible on the moon, how an advanced social and technological infrastructure would develop there, and also what the nature of governance, agriculture, and entertainment would be on the moon.

Sahithi Pingali:

Sahithi Pingali

This talented girl is a 12th-grade student from Bangalore in India and believe it or not but she will soon have a minor planet named after her! Her research project, “An Innovative Crowdsourcing Approach to Monitoring Freshwater Bodies’” focuses on the lakes in Bangalore. Her project has been widely appreciated and has won her many an award. The decision to christen the planet after her was motioned by the Lincoln Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to recognize her extraordinary achievement in the study of the impact of urbanization on water resources. It all started with Sahithi winning the American India Foundation program scholarship from her institute in the year 2015. She has never stopped since then. The young scientist is currently an intern in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Michigan.

Shriya and Adhya Beesam:

Shriya && Adhya Beesam

These Indian-origin teens living in the US are twins and 16 years old. They have won $100,000 scholarship in the 17th annual Siemens Math, Science, and Technology Competition. Their project was titled, “Linked Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System: A Novel Approach to Schizophrenia Diagnosis”. The young researchers have developed a new approach to diagnosing schizophrenia, a little-understood disease which had cost their uncle his life years back.

Vineet Edupuganti:

Vineet Edupuganti

A talented Indian-origin teenager from the US, Vineet won the top individual award in the prestigious Siemens science contest for making an ingestible battery which can make the monitoring of inner body parts by doctors a lot easier.

We wish these budding scholars all success in life!



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Young South Asians Making Strides In STEM In The US

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