Tune in Tuesdays- Maria Unera

This Tuesday, we bring to you the story of Maria Unera, a young half Pakistani and half Filipino budding artist who has been inclined towards singing since she was about 5 years old! She believes that she has inherited her love for music from her mother, who has always been her number one!

Making a career out of music in Pakistan was quite difficult for her in the initial days, due to a lack of platforms to promote such talent; and as a result, she faced many challenges in order to get the right kind of exposure. But despite the hardships, her audience have always been stunned by her performances. Her joyfulness and charisma on stage elevates the energy level of all, and the confidence with which she handles and interacts with her audience make her one of the best rising performers!

Maria Unera

She has already worked with many big names of the industry such as Noori (for Fanta) and Zulfiqar Khan (for Nescafé Basement Season 3). She performed her widely appreciated original track called “Strong” at Levi’s Live season 1. The track stole everyone’s heart. She composed this song when her mother was battling cancer and Maria wanted to sing to her in order to give her hope and strength.

She is working in collaboration with Qurram Hussain, the co-lead of JoSH, a South Asian fusion band. They are performing a duet in the Season 2 of Cornetto Pop Rock.

The strong believer of hard work and never giving up, Maria, has began her career at a high note and we believe that this is only the beginning of a long and illustrious musical journey for her.



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Tune in Tuesdays- Maria Unera

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