Here’s Why Attacking HUMARA Mika Singh Is Bulls*it

I fail to understand why, when Indian political leaders (read Narendra Modi), decide to extend their hand of friendship to Pakistan (by flying down to Pakistan to celebrate Nawaz Sharif’s birthday), almost the entire country of more than a billion people chose to remain silent or ignore it. There were some minor protests on social media by the opposition parties but many even applauded him for his efforts to make peace.

Were India and Pakistan not in any conflict at that point?


India and Pakistan have been in a constant state of war from 1947, not because the people, in general, want it but because the politicians of both the countries like to keep up the issue of Kashmir alive for political gains.

Currently embroiled in this soup is singer Mika Singh, who is a part of the Independence Day celebration of India and Pakistan that is scheduled to take place on August 12th in Houston and on August 13th in Chicago.

Mika SinghThe trolls on social media have come out all guns blazing just because Mika Singh used the words ‘humara Pakistan’ in a promotional video for the show.

He is being called a Pakistani, a traitor, anti-national and what not. Here are some of the tweets that the narrow-minded, self-declared protectors of the “online sovereignty” of India have been dishing out for Mika:

Now, this is utter bullshit!

With clearly photoshopped images and circulation of half information and videos, these trolls have succeeded in making the atmosphere surrounding this show, which was supposed to be one of brotherhood and celebration, into a toxic mix of misplaced nationalism.

This is the original tweet uploaded by Mika Singh on his twitter page.

And on top of this, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), which is more infamous for it’s vandalism based brand of nationalism, has put out dire warnings to Mika Singh, saying that he won’t be allowed to hold a mic in Maharashtra because of his statement and if he goes on to participate in the concert.

Well, Mika Singh is sensible enough to have immediately contacted the top brass of MNS and actually explained what the real show is all about.

But haters gonna hate!

People are just going on about how he is going to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day, little realizing that the concert shall be celebrating both India and Pakistan’s Independence Day and neither of which is on August 12th and 13th.

Watch the video for yourself. Do you really think that he deserves the flak that he is getting?

This hypocritical nature of the trolls on social media is actually an insult to the much-proclaimed intelligence of the Indian diaspora.

We are proud of you Mika Singh and we support you! We would be waiting for your awesome show!





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Here’s Why Attacking HUMARA Mika Singh Is Bulls*it

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