The Tech Onslaught: Can It Relieve Stress?

The modern world pitches technology to be one of the main contributors to higher stress. The iPhones, iPads and other devices  all exacerbate our energy towards straddling a relationship with them. What does this result in? Mindlessness, and a plethora of other ineffective choices.

For decades, science has proven that our heavy reliance on technology can spur negative health, lack of focus and impatience.

As busy individuals, we have encountered many instances where we fall asleep with our phones and religiously check emails first thing in the morning. Is the 24/7 digital life sparking struggles more than making lives easier? Oftentimes, we are left to struggle with our relationships- at home, with our partners, our children, and our friends.

The affinity towards living on technology seems to have stolen the life out of the real world around us. Are virtual networks to blame for this? Science tells us that we can combat this smartly.

What’s ironic is that it is not the fault of the technology, but surprisingly, it is the thought that we impose on ourselves when we resort to using these gadgets.

Does this mean that we can use technology to ward off stress and improve mindfulness? This is set to improve our lifestyles a great deal. It is our attitude towards technology that needs to be changed. Being mindful of our usage of technology can greatly increase its benefits for us, helping us become more productive.

It can spur better emotional and work-life balance, reduce stress levels massively and better the quality of sleep that often slips us when stressed. Be it work, family or children, there is always some form of technology that work to better our lives. What’s the caveat? Using it wisely.

How can we work to create an atmosphere where we enable technology to relieve stress and chart better lives for us?

1. Check yourself in using stress-relief apps:

With the advent of applications dawning on every smartphone, almost every imaginable app has been conceptualized. Stress-relief app GPS for the Soul is an effective app for those seeking help for monitoring stress levels and blood pressure, and provides measures to remedy the issue.

2. Use technology to smarten your health knowledge:

Tracking our daily consumption and health levels has never been easier. With various platforms offering knowledge on food consumption, users are now equipped with insights to make better decision for their health.

3. Channelling greater creativity:

Improving focus and concentration has helped many find a better understanding of one’s inner self, and more efficiency in their work. Apps foster this by providing a plethora of opportunities for us to engage us in games and activities that prompts users to improve their concentration skills.

The thinking here is that if someone were to be on their computer exercising their creative skills, then it’s an absolute win-win for their health!

With technology at one’s disposal, it truly can be turned into an effective tool to make lives simpler and healthier if used the right way.


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The Tech Onslaught: Can It Relieve Stress?

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