AS$H0LE Indian Calls Parents To Beat Wife

Imagine an educated man settled in America, beating his wife regularly to “discipline” her and then summoning his parents all the way from India to help him beat her!

Devbir Kalsi

Wife thrashing is quite a familiar issue in our world, and more so, in India.

What happened with Silky Gaind is shocking. Who could have imagined that 33-year-old Devbir Kalsi, father of a one-year-old, who posted doting pictures of his wife and daughter on Facebook, was a monster who had been abusing her for years?

Devbir Kalsi

Even more shocking is the silence over such issues. Women, even today, continue to bear abuses without any protest!

Things came to light when she called her parents in India and informed them about her condition and requested them to rescue her by contacting local authorities.

What the police discovered when they knocked down the door of their apartment in Riverview, Florida is chilling.

Tampa Bay Times reported that deputies heard Gaind scream, and when they forced the door open, they found her “badly beaten and bruised over her entire body” from abuse that had “been ongoing for an extended period of time.”

Gaind reported that she had been struck “repeatedly and forcefully” by her husband as well as her in-laws on her face, neck, and torso. They even threatened to stab her with a kitchen knife. They snatched her phone, dragged her into another room, and locked her inside.

And the reason for this inhumane treatment?  

Devbir was trying to “counsel and discipline” his wife for which he asked his parents to travel from Punjab to his home in the US to help imprison and beat her.

Devbir Kalsi & Parents

There are so many questions that the story raises:

India has a craze for NRI grooms. But, do Indian parents, while “arranging” the marriage of their daughters ever consider the fact that there are so many frauds and issues related to NRI marriages?

indian marriage

Does the feudal mindset automatically change when people migrate to other countries for a job?

The biggest question that confronts us today is that of building a society and an education system that brings up real human beings rather than beasts!



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AS$H0LE Indian Calls Parents To Beat Wife

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