Top 10 Pain In The Arse Airport Security Checks

Airport checks are simply tiresome. You will be frisked thoroughly as if you are the one who is planning to blow up another building in some country, your things will be scanned a dozen times, and sometimes, your favorite eatable that you so nicely got packed would be fed to the wastepaper bin while you cringe from the inside.

Airport security

Well, have you experienced anything similar?

Check out our top 10 stages of the arduous process and follow our advice for a smoother journey!

Better “Shave” Than Sorry

Yes, better shave your stubble and beard clean before you are listed out as the “suspicious” guy in the blue shirt.

Be Prepared For The PC To Malfunction Just When It’s Your Turn

Airport Security

Oh yeah! Just when you hand over your ID, the computer will beep for an eternity and then suddenly lie dead, with nothing flashing on the screen.

TSA Pre-Check For Expedited Travel

Airport Security

Better to get a TSA pre-check done than be frisked unnecessarily and make yourself feel uncomfortable. It’s like, every traveler is a prime suspect until proven clean!

The Body Scanner Moment

You will be scanned. Inch by inch. You’ll feel naked in front of the security guard staring at the screen even with all your clothes on!

Surprise In The Form Of Random Screening

Airport Security

If you are lucky enough, you will be declared the winner for a “random” screening round you know, for that touch of extra security!

Scrutinizing Your Clothes

If your favorite attire seems a little out of place, a little too fluffy and comfortable, it can fall prey to a severe security check. The guards apparently love everything that is fancy, eye-candy and cozy.

Receiving The Boarding Pass

When you finally get the boarding pass after all these hassles, it is like you’ve got the ticket for a vacation in heaven, wherever the hell it is!

The Wait At The Boarding Lounge

Airport Security

The wait at the boarding lounge can be the most treasured moment as you have a satisfaction that you will not be called anymore for scrutiny until you de-board the flight at your destination.

The Haunting Thought Of Return Journey

Airport Security

Wait! This is just the first level of security that you have successfully managed to pass through. There is a repeat process waiting at the airport you land.

And You Finally Find Yourself In The Flight

Airport Security

But when you sit on the flight and look forward to your journey, hopefully, all that matters is the moment of peace and confirmation that you are actually traveling towards your dream destination.

Well, unless the air hostess decides otherwise!


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Top 10 Pain In The Arse Airport Security Checks

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