Top 5 Telly Shows Taking The Indian Silver Screen To The Dogs!

Sane stories and rational notions are becoming alien concepts to the Indian telly shows.

The 5 shows prove that it is going down at an exponential rate!

1.The one with the most creepy storyline: Pehredaar Piya Ki 

This show is about an 18-year-old woman married to a 9-year-old boy. Its storyline and visuals are so annoyingly disturbing that it has been criticised all over social media since its first episode aired.

Well, in order to save our ears and eyes from bleeding out, the show has been taken off air after all the controversies and petitions.

2. The one that defies all concepts of women empowerment: Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal

So basically, a mother gets her son married to 5 women, each comprising one of the five qualities she wants in her daughter-in-law.

Even if one can survive the rotten old school saas-bahu drama, this show’s concepts are so flawed that it is nearly impossible for a right headed person to bear even one complete episode of this show.

3. The most ridiculous of them all: Naagin

Naagin is an Indian supernatural series showcasing ichhadhari naagins! This show doesn’t even disappoint us, it is just straight away hilarious! We all must take a moment of silence for the death of logic caused by this show.

Only if Naagin’s illogical & unoriginal plot coupled with its eye hurting graphics weren’t enough for you, Naagin part 2 has also been aired and a part 3 should be airing soon. Let’s keep the tweets coming!

4. The queen of unrealism: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

This show basically features two filthy rich families with absolutely no real worries, so they repeatedly make a mess out of trivial issues.

Unrealistic portrayal of relationships and scripts just add to our frustration. We simply fail to understand the point of this show and its long term existence!

5. The cumulative mockery: Sasural Simar Ka

This show started on a good note, with women empowerment as its main message. But somehow, the creators of the show decided to make an indefinite mockery out of an absolutely decent show by introducing some bizarre plots, such as turning a lead into a witch, another into a snake and a housefly.

Do you have any favorites here?


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Top 5 Telly Shows Taking The Indian Silver Screen To The Dogs!

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