Top 5 Times Mr. Modi Held Indians At Ransom

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

Once upon a time, there lived a whimsical emperor in India whose experiments cost his people dearly. Whoever knew he would be reborn 7 centuries later?

This Emperor was Muhammad Bin Tuglaq. Can you not guess his modern incarnation?


Tuglaq once issued a crazy order and held hundreds of thousands to ransom. He shifted his capital to the south and ordered everybody in Delhi to move to his new capital. So, everyone walked 700 miles only to be told to march back to Delhi as the new capital had severe water shortage! Many died and more were ruined!

Cut to 2017.

Order # 1: The Prime Minister of India demonetized high denomination notes. As people waited in serpentine lines in front of banks and ATMs, Modi consoled the people that this small sacrifice would end all the longstanding woes of black money and corruption. Yes, woes it did end – by ending all the woes that life brings – many lost their lives and many were cleansed of all the sins that money brings. In addition, all possibilities of the revival of the sin were terminated as many job opportunities were wiped out!

demonetisation woes

Mr. Modi seems to have taken inspiration from Tuglaq who had changed the currency leading eventually to the draining of his treasury.

Order # 2: As trains kept jumping the tracks, Modi approved hikes in train fare. Not to repair broken tracks, but to start a Bullet Train to fulfil his fantasies.

bullet train india

Order # 3: “Pull in your stomach, breathe deeply, burn your fat . . .” One day, 1/3rd of the world’s malnourished children, who had gone to sleep on empty stomachs the night before, heard strange orders made over loudspeakers. Modi ordered millions to be spent on Yoga because he believes that people needed Yoga more than food!

yoga modi

Order # 4: As Modi spent millions on “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” scheme, his “nationalist” followers hunted down and killed one fearless daughter of India all because they disliked her education. Modi chose not to say a word about this daughter!

Gauri lances

Order # 5: Modi has made India a safe country – no, not for human beings but for cows. You can run down a man on the road and walk away unscathed, but beware if it’s a cow! His vigilantes will hunt you down!

cow worshippers

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Top 5 Times Mr. Modi Held Indians At Ransom

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