The Top 5 Indian Web Series You Must Watch NOW!

With myriad television shows starring the best across the industry scripting some of the top-rated story-lines, many have garnered commendable acclaim and viewership. Amidst award-winning shows such as The Crown and The House of Cards; Indian web series are also churning solid audience while exploring topics ranging from sexuality, gay rights, and India’s burgeoning culture.

Here are the TOP 5 Indian web series that you can stream into:

  1. All About Section 377:

The show chronicles the story of a straight guy whose two roommates are gay. The show looks to educate the audience on the many struggles encountered by the LGBT community.

2. Baked:

The story revolves around three university students who launch their food delivery startup, and the many tussles they face running their company.

3. Permanent Roommates:

The show narrates the intricate relationship woes faced by a couple in a long-distance relationship when they finally move in together.

4. Hip-Hop Homeland:

This one here takes a look at the rapidly growing hip-hop culture in India.

5. Pitchers:

The show charts the tale of four friends who quit their corporate jobs to launch their first startup together.



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The Top 5 Indian Web Series You Must Watch NOW!

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