Tune in Tuesdays: Shake A Leg With Zack Knight And Jasmin Walia

This week’s Tune in Tuesdays brings to you the hugely talented and globally renowned Zack Knight and Jasmin Walia. Their latest track Bom Diggy has grossed over a million views and is the trending party song right now.

zack jasmin

Zack Knight, a British Pakistani singer, songwriter, and producer, has teamed up with the scintillating Jasmin Walia who is also a British actress, singer and TV personality. The duo have come with a leg-tapping, heart-thumping number that is hard to miss at any party or discotheque.

zack knight

Zack Knight commenced his career in music early on and has had influences from Usher, Boyz II Men, and Michael Jackson, credits to his father who has been his inspiration behind pursuing a career in this field. He has also worked alongside artists such as Tinie Tempah, Ginuwine, and Stylo G, producing and composing songs and writing lyrics. He has also featured on several singles on the UK-based official Asian Download Chart published by the BBC.

jasmin walia

Jasmin Walia has appeared in a couple of singles alongside having a parallel acting career in Dinner Date and Aladdin. Performing with equal vigor with Zack Knight, Jasmin displays some amazing dance moves that will make you groove to the song.

Check out the video of this half English and half Punjabi number on DissDash and dance away!


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Tune in Tuesdays: Shake A Leg With Zack Knight And Jasmin Walia

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