The Varli Food Festival 2017: An Indian Culinary Extravaganza

A connoisseur of great food and a pioneer in culinary events, Varli Singh launched the Varli Food Festival in 2011 through the Varli brand she founded. The food festival opened to much acclaim and soon saw their outdoor events across New York sold out. Since then, there has been no turning back. This year, Varli is aiming to promote the Indian food festival, featuring a more innovative and diverse spread.

Varli Singh
Varli Singh, Publisher/ Editor of Varli Magazine

The Varli Food Festival is set to be hosted by celebrity chef and entrepreneur Sanjeev Kapoor, in New Jersey on September 10th. The festival is scheduled outdoors at Martinsville Gardens in Bridgewater, from 4 pm to 9 pm. The latest edition will welcome over 40 restaurants, chefs and celebrities from across the globe. An interesting melange of food, sensationalizing the South Asian space, offers many an opportunity to appreciate the various cuisines.

In an interview with us, Varli Singh talks about how the idea came to being, and the many endeavors she chased to make it a reality.

The inspiration, she says, stemmed from the growing need to provide Indian culinary talents the platform they require to showcase their dishes. “I launched Varli Magazine which was a baby step towards realizing my dream of promoting Indian cuisine in America. The Magazine got an amazing and upbeat response which encouraged me to arrange and stage The Varli Food Festival,” she said.

And this year promises an event bigger and better. It is definitely going to be a relishing experience for each guest and they should get ready to taste a broad range of inimitable dishes with a unique blend of different flavors and exceptional presentations. We are having over 40 restaurants food tastings, Free Varli Spice Market. $300 value restaurant gift certificates and VarliWare giveaways!” she says.

What’s more? Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor will be an integral part of the festival, brandishing his best dishes and judging the Varli Live Cook Off.

Varli Singh

“I believe you cannot achieve your goals without the right support and Sanjeev Kapoor undoubtedly has been that support for me. It has been seven long years since we first collaborated and now imagining this event without his presence and support seems completely impossible/is definitely not viable,” she says, reminiscing about the ample support she received from the chef.

Serving to be the ultimate guide for relishing some of the best of Indian cuisine, Varli is also aiming to expand their global footprint.

“I am looking forward to expanding my vision and passion of uplifting and vivifying the Indian Cuisine in America as well as around the world,” she says.

And her family and friends form her biggest support network. “They have always been very generous in encouraging and acknowledging my hard work and their constructive feedback and comments have always helped me in making this event bigger, better and special than before,” she says, signing off.


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The Varli Food Festival 2017: An Indian Culinary Extravaganza

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