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Top 5 Desi Movies For Foodies

Top 5 Desi Movies For Foodies

chef movies

chef movies

Whether at home or in the theater, a gripping storyline along with lip-smacking delicacies is an undeniably amazing experience craved by every foodie and movie buff alike. So how about stories which revolved around food instead of some boring dramatic theme that never grabs your attention?

Stay tuned and check out our list of desi movies that talk about food and spice for a change!

Man Push Cart

Man Push Cart

Our protagonist is a Pakistani who was once a renowned rock star, and who now sells bagels and coffee for a living in the beautiful city of Manhattan. A chance encounter with a businessman brings a huge transformation in his life.

Mistress of Spices

mistress of spices

You have Aishwarya Rai as the Mistress of Spices in the movie. Do you need any more convincing? The amazing actress is not just a store owner of a myriad collection of Indian spices but also an enchanting healer who has a solution for every problem. Interesting isn’t it?

The Lunchbox

The lunchbox

You may have voluntarily exchanged your lunch box with your innocent friends in case you didn’t like the food. Here is a movie which deals with a lunchbox mismatch that sets the entire plot into motion bringing in incomprehensible twists with it and also gives you with a few recipes to try out!

Cheeni Kum

cheeni kum foodie movies

A perfect love story between a chef and an engineer. Queer indeed! If you are equally perplexed as to how an old chef found his ways to woe a comparatively young software engineer, do watch the movie and find out for yourself.

English Vinglish

English Vinglish foodie movie

If you wish to see a homemaker turning into an entrepreneur, a normal mom who cooks the regular food transform into a lady who takes orders for desi sweets and gets them delivered, go watch this movie without fail. You will love Sridevi, empathize with her, cry when she is helpless and applaud her success.

If you have missed out on these amazing movies, now is the time to watch them. Do not forget to tell us how you liked them in the comments.
And before that, check out the trailer for the upcoming movie Chef by Saif Ali Khan right here:


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