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Top 5 Famous Paans From South Asia You Would Die To Taste

Top 5 Famous Paans From South Asia You Would Die To Taste

paans in craze

paans in craze

For the unintroduced, paan is a preparation made with betel leaves and areca nuts wherein the areca nuts are grated and mixed with many other ingredients such as sweetened coconut flakes, sweetened rose preservatives, cardamom powder and sometimes glazed cherries. Tobacco may or may not be added to it, depending upon the choice of the person. Paan is consumed for enhancing the digestion process after a heavy meal.  Betel leaves are considered to be rich in vitamins and are indeed good for health if taken without tobacco.

Paan is available in different flavors and is prepared uniquely to make you taste the different varieties and the ingredients added to it.

We give you the top 5 flavors of paans  you should try!

Banarsi Paan

An exotic mixture of a pinch of fennel seeds, nutmeg powder, cardamom powder, cloves, cinnamon powder, slivers of dry coconut, menthol and the rose petal essence added neatly in the betel leaves which are then folded in a triangular shape and served. It is perfect to celebrate Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday today!

Chocolate Paan

chocolate paan

As the name suggests, the major ingredient in this paan is dark chocolate along with lime paste, catechu, fresh cream and fennel seeds. So all the chocolate lovers out there, here is another form of chocolate for you to relish and melt in the taste of it as you experience the chocolate melt in your mouth.

Misti Paan

exotic paan

This is regular and frequently made paan, available in any store. The ingredients include rose petal essence, cardamom powder, mukhwas, a special mixture added to flavor the paan, coconut flakes, and glazed cherries.

Maghai Paan

maghai paan

This is considered to be one of the richest paans available from the state of Bihar in India. It includes desiccated coconut, sweetened areca nut shavings, fennel seeds, cinnamon, rose petal essence, powders of cashew and almond, nutmeg and cinnamon, and candied cherries

Rasmalai Paan

malai paan

This consists of can milkmaid, chickpea, baking powder, flour, sugar, milk, rose petal essence and a rose. With an irresistible aroma and amazing taste, you feel heavenly from the very first bite you take of this paan.

How many of them have you tasted? Let us know in the comment section.


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