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Vegan? Ain’t Too Bad!

Vegan? Ain’t Too Bad!


Food enthusiasts, especially those who flock to relish and slurp some glorious meat down for meals, are often found taking a dig at the religiously vegetarian folks.

But hey! It’s their choice.

Maybe a reality check of what they might want to say as a reply to you will give set your perspectives straight!

1. Paying the same price for a vegetarian option: Let’s split the bill!


Maybe take a trip down the vegetable market and get acquainted with the actual cost of everything before this comment? We live in times of great inflation you see…

2. Whatever will the animals eat if you binge on the veggies?


I mean seriously, do non-vegetarians ever think about the lions or tigers before chomping down the chicken?!?

3. Eat it accidentally. Chicken multiplies, anyway.


Ya! Hope your brain did too!

4. Minus the chicken, your body might miss out the nutrition!


And so just because you eat all the non-vegetarian food in the world, your body has the highest nutrition content ever?!

5. Just one bite!

Would you trade it with all the karela  (bitter-gourd) in the world?

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