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Diwali Favorites: Make-At-Home Diwali Sweets

Diwali Favorites: Make-At-Home Diwali Sweets

Diwali Sweets

What’s cooking? With Diwali around the corner, kitchens are bustling with friends, family and happy chatter. Food brings many together, and what better way than dishing out something homemade?

Here are some of the best make-at-home sweets for Diwali:

1. Coconut Cardamom Truffles:

Coconut Ladoo - Diwali Sweets

Coconut cardamom truffles are one of the best milk-based sweets to treat yourself to. Made with fresh milk, sugar and coconut, the truffles are a mouthwatering savory. It only takes a little over 15 minutes to make eight and promises a delightful snack.

2. Sweetened Coconut Rice:

Diwali Sweets

One of the favorites during this season is Indian Kheer. Pair it up with some lovely jaggery for flavor or dish out some rice crispies in cold condensed milk to top off the dessert.

3. Tapioca Pudding:

Diwali Sweets

For those scouting for an eggless pudding, here’s your best bet. The pudding can be made both ways- with or without egg. Made by slowly stirring tapioca in milk, one may choose to add soy milk or almond milk to replace milk and negate those calories that come your way with most sweets.

4. Shri Khand:

Diwali Sweets

One of the best dishes to get experimental, shrikhand evokes memories of home-made comfort food. It can be made with different variations – be it lychee and banana puree to mango and a hint of cardamom.

5. Semolina Ladoos:

Diwali Sweets

A favorite with the young and old alike, semolina ladoos come with a surprise nutty crunch, with golden roasted raisins adding a delicious flavor. With a hint of cardamom and a dash of honey, these ladoos are a sure bet to light up the Diwali festivities.

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