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Inspiring Startup Story Of An Innovative Pakistani Woman – Nadia Gangjee

Inspiring Startup Story Of An Innovative Pakistani Woman – Nadia Gangjee

Nadia Gangjee


In today’s technologically growing world, a startup has become the norm for exploration as well as sustenance. Everyone has access to the internet, tutorials and DIY ideas that help them learn more in less invested time and use the same for a better purpose by either starting their own business or joining an upcoming startup. Whether lucrative or not, whether profitable or not, startups prepare you for the worst. They teach you the art of perseverance, the method of doing business, market trends and sense and most importantly customer requirement. Amidst thousands of e-commerce companies (both small and large), figuring out a new idea that is different from others, unique and innovative is key.

Nadia GangjeeHere is an inspiring and amazing story of Nadia Gangjee, a Pakistani woman who put her idea into an innovative implementation and created a well-channeled women-centric e-commerce portal. She was firm on making the platform of buying and selling goods restricted only to the women and did not plan to expand it as a portal for all and sundry.

The SheopsThe Sheops Strategy
Unique as the name is, so is the idea of the mastermind behind this huge project. Nadia Gangjee, a regular mother of two, devised the beautiful idea of making buying and selling of unused stuff for women completely easy. She was very particular about providing a harassment-free environment for her customers and thus she kept men completely out of the picture. What started as a WhatsApp group marketing, stands today a successful, dedicated e-commerce chain wherein the buyers and sellers interact through her website and the items put on sale are collected from the seller and delivered to the buyer without any hassles for both.
“She operates, she shops, she opts, Sheops,” says Gangjee when she describes her business venture. She ensures to offer public stores that can be viewed by anyone, and also set up private stores restricted to the members.

Nadia GangjeeTransparent Transaction
In order to keep her customers and clients completely at ease, Gangjee has made sure she provides integrated logistics and payment systems to streamline the shopping process. The Sheops representatives make sure the purchase requests they receive online are genuine and once that is confirmed, the delivery person collects the material from the seller, delivers it to the buyer and gets the payment to the office.
It is commendable on Ms. Gangjee’s part to have neither the seller nor the buyer take any trouble of traveling long distances to get their products sold.
Every startup now works on easing the process for buyers and sellers and make the entire process of buying and selling extremely comfortable and transparent. Pakistan being a country that is quite restrictive towards its women, such a mindblowing idea is a blessing in disguise for every woman who wishes to buy or sell stuff she needs or produces.

Nadia GangjeeIn fact, her idea was so amazing that she was one among the few entrepreneurs selected for participating and representing her country in the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) held in the Silicon Valley.
Kudos Nadia!

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