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Bijal Vohra’s Take On Design And Couture

Bijal Vohra’s Take On Design And Couture

bijal vohra

One of resplendent charm and drawing accolades and success, Bijal Vohra has etched a name that many draw inspiration from. With her experience peppered along the finance and the business space initially, the multifaceted young Bijal made strides into creating unique designs that fused luxury with Indian elements. She is the CEO of StyLush Couture and is pitched as one of the top stylists and designers in her space.

In an interview with us, she regales us about how she turned entrepreneur and launched her passion into a successful career.

StyLush Couture

“I used to make outfits for my close and extended family, and it soon developed into something bigger. It saw me delve into designing Indian clothes for others, and I began working with tailors. It grew extensively, and with more studios under our brand, the business was born,” she says. Her experience has garnered much acclaim. “Because I’m a custom designer, a lot of people come to me with different pieces that need customized designs like leather fringes or unique embroidery. It was a lot of things that you wouldn’t see in the Indian fashion industry, but a lot in the American fashion space,” she tells us.

StyLush Couture

And partnerships gave way. “I soon started collaborating with many others in the industry and that’s when the New York shoot came about. The models’ individuality was definitely a highlight, and my designs more of a backdrop!” she says.

The shoots promoted and exhibited talent, while still throwing the spotlight on her designs. “The shoot at LA and Chicago had me working with a lot of people in the industry and also played to highlight male models in this space. What really had me going was the fact that I wanted to bring to attention the idea of unity amongst the different ethnic races, and convey a sense of empowerment,” the designer says.

“A lot of them who were active participants were full-time employees or entrepreneurs, who were highly talented people – be it acapella singers or artists,” she says, of the models.

“I’m enjoying empowering the people who showcase my art and the designs. They’re amazingly talented people and these opportunities are what keeps me going now,” she says, a former model herself.

With a family in tow, she collaborates with brands and entrepreneurs to do family shoots. “Having kids, I have the expertise on what material is suitable for them and I play around matching colors and designs for my daughter and the boys. I’m still itching to do more shoots, especially with festivals around the corner,” Bijal says.

Bijal Vohra Family

With the juggling act comes a huge, supportive family. “My husband is very supportive, and he’s been really amazing about my career and work. My mother, mother-in-law and extended family are also here, so we always have family around taking care of the children. They’re my motivators. We’ve been really fortunate, I must say!” an elated Bijal tells us.

The experience has allowed her to be a great mum, build relationships, network and develop her business and enjoy doing what she loves, every day.

StyLush Couture

“Anyone can follow their dreams. You could have a family, work a full-time job and still enjoy and live your passion. Get yourself out there, and it is possible with passion!” she says, signing off.

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