South Asian Attire Finds Its Way In New York Fashion Exhibition

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South Asian apparel have found a stage in New York!

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has indulged in this fashion exhibition after 70 years and it has become one of the mst talked about events in the fashion circles out here.

fashion exhibition

Sarees and salwar kameez are being showcased on the global stage, inviting people across the world to not just take a look but also acquaint themselves with the elegant ethnic designs.

People from the US have always admired traditional South Asian collection. They have shown a keen interest in learning to dress up in these clothes, although they involve arduous techniques to wear them. In fact, these ethnic clothes are so loved by them that they not only put efforts to wear these the right way but also go for traditional accessories to give it a complete look.



The New York Fashion Exhibition has also taken the initiative to include the hijab (strictly Muslim attire) and also the turbans worn by the Sikh community, apart from other South Asian apparels that they are publicizing in their event. It is indeed a proud moment to see the blending of traditional dresses with the Western ones, in America. The denizens who have acclimatized themselves in pants and tops are open to embracing the vibrant wears that have traveled from the other part of the world onto the stage set in New York.

It is a way to communicate to people across the world that clothes and their designs cannot be left unblended and opening the doors of your wardrobe to let such beautifully designed and uniquely stitched apparel will not only fill it with mystic colors but also enhance the ambiance in it.

The South Asian attires are renowned for their intricate designs using sequins and a lot of thread-work that flaunt the creativity of the designer and the creator, alike. The amount of effort and the number of hours put into the dress to get a masterpiece out of nothing is something that’s ingrained in South Asian designers.

fashion exhibition

Fashion cannot belong to one place and neither can it be determined by just a few designers and their ideas. Fashion is an evolving art that can accommodate multitude of ideas, blending creativity, experience and experimentation in equal proportions that results in the birth of apparel of top-notch quality. Prominantly displaying this is designer Sanjay Garg’s saree from his label Raw Mango that is now being displayed at the exhibition.


The New York Fashion Exhibition premiered at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and is aimed to give an insight into the gorgeous designs from the world of South Asian art and craft, depicting the talent and efforts of all the designers there, exhibiting their excellence that is at par with globally renowned names. The project is the only other instance of the museum addressing this particular field of fashion. It explored ways in which fashion is created, advertised, distributed, worn, and disposed of.


So here is a stage displaying the elegant South Asian designs to recount the toil of the millions of men and women who give their all to bring out these impeccably beautiful pieces to the fore. We can see that these clothes too are attracting enough crowd and enticing them to go chic and classy in desi weaves.

The exhibition shall continue through January 2018. So if you are around do visit and rejoice in this celebration of the desi heritage.


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