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Top 5 Indo American Desi Movies Of All Times

Top 5 Indo American Desi Movies Of All Times

bend it like beckham

There are so many movies which depict the life and culture of Desi families living abroad. These movies show how Desis modify their traditions and cultures to be able to become socially acceptable. Some of these movies are super fun to watch. Let us check out top 5 movies Desi movies of all times.

1.Bend It Like Beckham – The memories of Jess who loves scoring goals on the football field but cannot make round chapatis will always be fresh in our minds. How this girl and her family bends the societal rules to achieve her heart’s desire is what forms the crux of the movie.

2. Bride and Prejudice – The romantic drama starring our very own Miss World, Aishwarya Rai is surely a treat to watch. It is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It shows how the Indian families are so eager to find a suitable groom for their unmarried girls. 

3. American Desi – This is a perfect film for all those who try to “fit in” and try to turn their back towards their inherited culture. The main character of this movie Kris doesn’t like Indian Culture but eventually falls in love with an Indian girl. This movie is all about his journey and how he accepts his heritage. 

American Desi Movies

4. Everybody Says I’m Fine! – One of the pleasant movies directed by Rahul Bose. In this movie, the hairdresser Xen is able to read the mind of people just when he is in physical contact with them while cutting their locks. A very moving and intriguing plot and surely one would love to watch it.  

Everybody Says I am Fine Movies

5. Outsourced – The romantic comedy film about a manager who is sent to India so that he can train and oversee his team of customer service representatives. This movie depicts the challenges and plights as faced by people in BPOs of India.

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