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In Conversation With Shweta Subram

In Conversation With Shweta Subram

Shweta Subram

She has created a buzz in the music industry with her latest single Rasiya and has wowed even the bigwigs of Bollywood.

She has been collecting praise after praise from the likes of Sonu Nigam, Vishal Dadlani and H Dhami – and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Meet Shweta Subram. With a melange of awards and award-winning singles to her credit and pitched as the youngest Indian vocalist to perform at the renowned Carnegie Hall, Shweta has drawn much acclaim in the burgeoning music industry.

Shweta Subram

In an interview with us, the artist looks back on what kickstarted the journey into discovering and creating music, and the stellar career that she has achieved.

The Indian origin singer spent most of her childhood in the Middle East, before moving to Canada.

“Growing up, I was never interested in music, but my parents were very enthusiastic about me learning classical and Hindustani music. That saw me competing in several music competitions,” she tells us.

Shweta Subram

“When I moved to Canada, Sangam Kala, the renowned Indian cultural group, organized a competition across North America. They had initially helped develop a platform for artists such as Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal,” Shweta tell us of the prominent group.

“This time around, the group had decided to go international for the first time and scouted for talent from parts of North America,” Shweta Subram says.

As luck and talent would have it, she won the competition four months later and the huge win launched a career for the young artist.

Shweta Subram

“The win got me to travel to India, and I delved into spending some time to figure out the industry in the country. I loved India but I felt this urge to come back to Canada and create my own music,” Shweta says.

The music industry back in India was bustling with multiple artists creating their music but Shweta also chanced upon many who went months or years without releasing anything. It was also a lot about who you knew, and that could really be your support network in the music industry in India, she’d discovered. In fact, the experience with the lack of work ethics in the Indian music industry had left a bitter taste, she tells us.

Shweta Subram

“I feel that moving back to Canada was one of the best decisions in my career. I worked on two singles after I came back and got them produced by producers based in Canada. After their release, they drew interesting responses. This move ultimately led to my performance at the IIFA awards. It sure was exciting, and a mighty fabulous experience!”

Recently, Shweta was the youngest Indian to perform at the renowned Carnegie Hall with The Piano Guys. The performance bolstered her career in music and garnered the ecstatic singer many accolades. “The team was phenomenal. The group reached out to me and wanted to know if I could do an Indian adaptation of Swedish House Movie’s popular single, Don’t You Worry Child. It was a beautiful experience!” she says.

Shweta Subram

Shweta’s stint with India’s music industry soon spurred more projects for the artist. She was approached by Ayushmann Khurrana to sing for the movie Hawaizaada, and the project propelled her music career in the Indian music space. Her experience across multi-lingual projects have garnered her much adulation, and Shweta is raring to snag some more.

“It’s very important to not take your talent for granted. Never stop learning and always stay grounded,” she says signing off.


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