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Top 10 Books From South Asian Authors That Ruled 2017

Top 10 Books From South Asian Authors That Ruled 2017

Reading provides a different kind of solace to our minds. A good book will always grip the attention of the readers and take them to a place where they have never been.

Now that 2017 is drawing to a close, we bring to you our list of top 10 books by South Asian authors which were the favorites of the bookworms out there!

1.When Dimple Met Rishi | Sandhya Menon

when dimple met rishi

A typical scenario wherein the main characters are opposite to each other and still get attracted. It is really fascinating to see how love proves itself when Dimple is looking for a modern marriage and Rishi is looking for a traditional arranged marriage.

2. Exit West | Mohsin Hamid

Exit West books

This story is about two people of distinct personalities. Their love and courage is inspirational and timeless. We really had great expectations from this one and Hamid had delivered beautifully.

3. The Ministry of Utmost Happiness | Arundhati Roy

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

She forayed into writing after a decade and we simply loved the brilliant story by Roy reflecting the conflicts over Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

4. The Golden House | Salman Rushdie

The Golden House

One of the greatest storytellers writes about the truth, lies, terror and identity issues.

5. No Other World | Rahul Mehta

No other world

This is a story of an Indian couple who immigrate to America. Their lives, culture and identity is what forms the plot of the book.

6. Nobody Killed Her | Sabyn Javer


If you love to indulge in the political thrillers, this one is for you.

7. The Flaming Tresses of Draupadi | M Veerappa Moily

the flaming tresses of draupadi

The book portrays the journey of Mahabharata’s strong female character – Draupadi – from her birth till the great war of Kurukshetra.

8. Khullam Khulla | Rishi Kapoor


A breezy read for all those who admire the cute Chintu Kapoor.

9. The Rise of Sivagami | Anand Neelakantan


This book is for all those who are a big fan of the Baahubali Franchise. This book is actually a prequel to the movie Baahubali – The Beginning.

10. Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand | K. Vijay Kumar  


Everyone knows Veerappan as for some he was a bandit, while some likened him to Robin Hood.

Did you read them all?

Jasleen Kaur


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