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How Can We Forget These LOL Moments Of 2017!

How Can We Forget These LOL Moments Of 2017!

hasan minhaj

Without further ado let’s just check out some amazingly funny moments and goof-ups that made us laugh till our bellies hurt!

We saw some hilarious tweets from the general public which got quite the limelight.funny tweetWe also saw numerous memes on Virushka which made the year even more fun.

And we certainly can’t forget SRK’s shining moments this year on Twitter which made us smile and laugh at the poor idiots who tried to provoke King Khan.

ark tweet lolIf that wasn’t enough, we also got an amazing video of Modi and Trump dancing together!

Another hilarious video on Arvind Kejriwal made the rounds this year.

And how can we forget the famous Hassan Minhaj roast of Trmp at the White House Correspondents dinner!

hasan minhaj

On Trump’s frequent golfing outings:
“Every time Trump goes golfing, the headline should read, ‘Trump golfing. Apocalypse delayed. Take the W.’ “

On headlining the WHCA dinner:
“I would say it is an honor to do this, but that would be an alternative fact. It is not. No one wanted to do this so of course, it falls into the hands of an immigrant. That’s how it always goes down.

And we got Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi romancing with each other.

And how could we ever leave out this awesome Modi song by EIC?

Finally, we couldn’t help ourselves laughing at this troll of Tube light.

Overall, this dramatic year also gave us a good deal to laugh about, which actually helped us accept many of the serious situations with a bit of spice!

Hope you laughed at all the above moments as much as we did.

Rachita Saxena

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