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Justice For Zainab – The Rape That Is Shaking People’s Faith In God

Justice For Zainab – The Rape That Is Shaking People’s Faith In God

Zainab was barely 8. Her parents were in Mecca, Hijaz, Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, when their daughter was kidnapped, on her way to her tuition back home in Kasur, Pakistan.

She was sexually brutalized and strangled to death and thrown in a garbage dump. Her body was found 6 days after she went missing on January 4th.

The brutal murder has incited anger among the city’s residents as it is the 12th such case to occur within a two-kilometer radius in the city over a one-year period.

The city of Kasur erupted in riots today as residents agitated against the inherent inaction of the police in this case. The resultant riot has claimed the lives of at least 2 people and several others have been injured.

Police have so far been unable to track down the kidnapper despite the availability of CCTV footage immediately. The family of Zainab took to social media to share the video in hopes of finding the little girl.

But alas, it was not to be.

Kasur became infamous in 2015 when a gang of pedophiles running a child sex ring was busted in the city. Including Zainab, 12 girls have been raped and thrown into the garbage heap in the area in the past one year, out of which 11 have died.


The lack of security and ineptitude of the administration is blatant and the loss of another innocent life is proof that the government and the police are incapable of protecting the citizens.

The parents and the family are in a state of shock and there is a buzz of anger and despair in all social media circles.

Sketch of rapist released by the police
Sketch of rapist released by the police

The city may have shut down in protest, but the truth remains that the possibility of such a heinous crime being repeated has not yet abated.

The parents call to God has come at a heavy price, a price that no parent is ever ready to pay.

While people are crying out for justice – the jewel that Zainab was can never be recovered. This is not merely a rape, which questions humanity. It is a rape, which questions the existence of God – because if he is really omnipresent – would such a thing really happen to an innocent life?



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