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Top 5 Desi Comedians To Celebrate World Laughter Day

Top 5 Desi Comedians To Celebrate World Laughter Day

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Who doesn’t like to laugh every once in a while? So, today on World Laughter Day, we thank all these comedy artists who have kept us entertained and laughing with their jokes and antics!

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari Laughter

Netflix’s Master of None creator and star, Aziz Ansari, has made his name as a skilled stand-up comedian and has traveled in many comedy tours in the past few years. He is downright hilarious and entertaining and one can never get bored by reading his tweets or watching his tour videos and with his win at the Emmys as well as the Golden Globe – he has proven to be the best this year!

Russel Peters

Russell Peters

This guy is legendary and certainly needs no introduction. The Comedy King, Russel Peters, features observational comedy in his shows which is why it is so refreshing to watch him. He often uses his experiences of being an Anglo-Indian and often impersonates accents by various ethnic groups to make fun of them but doesn’t do this to offend them but to raise them up through humor. His style is refreshing and entertaining and that is why we love him.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

The Desi comedy queen, Mindy Kaling has a great sense of humor and comedy talent which she uses well in her various on-screen roles. She is currently killing everyone with laughter with her show The Mindy Project and has gained a lot of fame as a successful comedian in Hollywood right now.

Hassan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj Laughter

Hassan Minhaj is one hell of a comedian and isn’t afraid to voice his opinions on any matter, whether it be politics or social issues. He hosted this year’s White House Correspondent’s Day where he royally roasted President Donald Trump and we still can’t stop laughing about it.

Parvesh Cheena

Parvez Cheena

Another famous personality is Parveen Cheena who is a seasoned comedian who has starred and acted in several TV shows and movies like Sean Saves the World, Outsourced, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and so on. He has always made us laugh hard with his ridiculous roles that he plays beautifully!

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