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Immigration Officials Arrest Syed Ahmed Jamal In Kansas – 14 Year Old Son Pleas For Your Help

Immigration Officials Arrest Syed Ahmed Jamal In Kansas – 14 Year Old Son Pleas For Your Help

syed ahmed jamal

News of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials creating havoc is everywhere! On January 24th  immigration officers arrested Syed Ahmed Jamal in his Lawrence front yard while he was taking his daughter, a 7th grader, to school.

Syed Ahmed Jamal

His daughter ran into the house to alert her mother and brother, while Jamal, a chemist, was handcuffed and led into a car.

Jamal, 54, who hails from Bangladesh is thought to be detained in a Missouri jail 160 miles from his wife Angela Zaynaub Chowdhury and their three children, who are US citizens (Taseen Jamal, 9th grader, Naheen Jamal, 7th grader & Fareed Jamal, 1st grader).

Jamal Family

His 14-year-old son has written a desperate plea:


My name is Taseen Jamal, and my father has recently been arrested, taken to the Morgan County, MO, jail, and is being considered for deportation. My little brother cries every night, my sister can’t focus in school, and I cannot sleep at night. My mother is in trauma, and because she is a live organ donor, she only has one kidney, so the stress is very dangerous. She could die if he is deported. If my father is deported, my siblings and I may never get to see him again. He is an older man, and due to the conditions of his home country, he might not be able to survive.”


“My father called us, and he was crying like a little child because he was thinking about what would happen to us if he got deported. If he gets sent back to Bangladesh, his home country, he will be in grave danger, and people of his kind are persecuted there. Just in 2014, nine people of his kind were burned alive. He has been in the US for 30 years, and the law has kept him from gaining citizenship. He has helped throughout our community and has a lot of breakthroughs in science, many of which are still being researched. If he is deported, that research may never be finished, making a great loss to the field is science.”


“We are the children of Syed Ahmed Jamal, and we are requesting on behalf of our family for your kind help to get back our father. A home is not a home without a father.”

Let us join hands to help our fellow South Asian. Sign the petition to stop the deportation of Syed Ahmad Jamal.

Let us stand united in our fight against this discrimination.




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