Will You Please Stop Crying Over Spilt Milk!

So today is National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day. Weird day to celebrate?

Actually not so much! This day is a special reminder of the old saying that one must always think positive and move on. This is the day you can begin looking at the brighter side of the things. And why not? We don’t have a rewind button to go back and change whatever has happened anyway. So there is absolutely no point in cribbing or fretting over something that cannot be changed.

spilt milk positive

This proverb was coined by James Howell in the year 1659 (Woah! That’s like really really old!). It was originally called as “no weeping for shed milk” but then it evolved as the time passed but the original intent of the proverb still remains the same.

spilt milk positive

We Desis however seem to relish cribbing and crying about things and we linger on remembering those as if remembering such incidents will automatically produce a magic wand to mysteriously improve everything. But surely this is one common thing we all crib about, we all want to HAVE a magic wand.

Failing an exam, a relationship, meeting with an accident, losing a game, leaving a job, a bad investment, even Sharma ji’s son’s success in life or even when Verma ji’s daughter gets married, we just can’t stop fretting about these classics.

spilt milk positive

The most typical example that most of us will relate to in the aftermath of a heated argument, remembering all the things we could have said.

spilt milk positive

A word of advice then, life is uncertain and unpredictable, there could be a lot of unplanned or unexpected things which could happen in the next few minutes. You can’t control every situation in your life. Adopt a positive mindset to let bygones be bygones to have an easier and happier life.

Jasleen Kaur


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