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Meet Krishna Kumari – The First Ever Hindu Female Senator In Pakistan

Meet Krishna Kumari – The First Ever Hindu Female Senator In Pakistan

Krishna Kumari
In a first for Pakistani politics, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has elected Krishna Kumari, a human rights activist from the remote village of Dhana Gam in Nagarparkar, to the reserved women’s seat for Sindh.
Krishna KumariIn her interview with The Associated Press, Kumari said, “I feel delighted, this was unthinkable for me, to reach the Senate.” She further said,  “I will continue to work for the rights of the oppressed people, especially for the empowerment of women, their health, and education.”
Krishna Kumari
Kumari belongs to the Kohli community and has had a traumatic childhood. She and her family were forced to live as bonded labor for about three years before they were rescued by the police. Thereafter, her parents ensured an education for her and her sibling, through enough hardships.
Krishna KumariKumari was married at the age of 16, but she continued her education after marriage and procured a postgraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Sindh! She was involved in social causes by organizing and participating in seminars around Tharparkar.
Krishna KumariIn 2007, she was selected for the third Mehergarh Human Rights Youth Leadership Training Camp held in Islamabad. She learned about historic movements by people across the world, especially in Pakistan and its governance system, strategic planning, and other tools to bring about social changes.
Krishna KumariAs a keen human rights activist, she joined the Youth Civil Action Progr­amme in order to identify cases of bonded labor and conduct case studies focusing on women under bondage. She went on to organize workshops and seminars on women and labor rights.
Krishna KumariKumari will be sworn into office later this month. It will be a proud moment for the Kohli community and women in general, to see her represent them. Just like other great women before Kumari, who inspired other women and girls with their work to participate in the national dialogue and increase female representation in Pakistan’s politics, we hope Kumari sets the bar a little higher.
Right now, we have a classic case of #MondayMotivation and we are sure Krishna Kumari’s story will inspire you too!
Snigdha Pandey
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