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This TV Show In Pakistan Took Colorism To A Different Level

This TV Show In Pakistan Took Colorism To A Different Level

colorism jago pakistan jago

From time to time, we show our real selves and display how intricately colorism is ingrained in our minds. Sanam Jung’s morning show, Jago Pakistan Jago recently went on to become a classic oxymoron on Hum TV, Pakistan, by scorning the brown skin.

colorism jago pakistan jago

For a competition, talk show host Sanam Jung and mentors Farida and Amber told the contestants that they were being given an exclusively “difficult” task now that they are advancing to the further phases of the contest. This difficult task was to transform brown-skinned models to gorgeous brides.

colorism jago pakistan jago

Though it seemed easy apparently for Sanam Jung, making brown-skinned women look gorgeous was the most difficult task, and it turned out that models initially painted their light skin tone with the help of darker shades of foundation and then continued with their contouring and highlighting. After all, the show seemed to be intent upon proving that makeover of the brown skin is an accomplishment like none other. Predictably, the outcomes were cringe-worthy.

colorism jago pakistan jago

Not on the ground that the models had probably “dark skin,” but rather they were falsely made to look dark. The arms of both the models were visibly fairer, exhibiting a stark difference to their painted faces and the cosmetics that had been used. There were no models in the show who had a dark complexion. The show went on to blacken the faces of the models to accomplish the task. The sheer stupidity of the show is just beyond us.

Sure social media expressed its disgust – but will it change the typical Desi obsession with fair skin?

In the wake of the Sana Safinaz’s recent Lawn Campaign, if Sanam Jung’s morning show could have capitalized on celebrating the skin tones of brown-skinned women and it would have left a strong message.


But instead, the show took colorism to a different level altogether!

Jasleen Kaur

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