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Tia Shurina Pours Her Heart Out With Everything And A Happy Ending

Tia Shurina Pours Her Heart Out With Everything And A Happy Ending

“. . . It’s never too late to make changes in your life, at any age, but more specifically this special certain age of ‘mid-life’. . . I know many are strengthening their strongholds on security at this point in life, and the thought of making significant changes at this time of life can be so very scary, but, oh so rewarding if we can face our fears, and rise above them, not run from them. I think that ties in with another important thing I’d love the reader to remember, which is the importance of finding one’s courage . . . a gift my dad gave to me.” True and inspiring as these lines are, the life of the author of these lines is even more inspiring and beautiful! Meet Tia Shurina, the author of Everything and a Happy Ending.

Tia Shurina

Born in NYC and raised in Queens, where she currently lives, Tia Shurina is a first-time author, but not a professional writer. She found herself writing a book to tell a moving, powerful and true story of love, fortitude, and courage. Tia’s life and words have magic about them for the reason that she has had the courage to face her fears which, she believes, not only hold people back in their lives “as it (fear) inspires mediocrity on its best day” but eventually brings out the worst in a person “as those chains ultimately weigh them down, and pushes them under any ability to be truly kind.”

Tia Sam Mac early

Tia’s decision to not accept that for herself as she began the second half of her life was risky in certain ways, “yet, it was a risk to stay in a life I knew was not healthy for me either and, finding my courage to make a different choice than the usual one my comfort zone was pushing for, has brought one of the most exquisite feelings of peace, joy and personal satisfaction I’ve ever felt,” she believes.

Tia and Sons

Tia Shurina, mother of two sons whom she counts amongst her best friends, is also a runner and yoga enthusiast. She is divorced, after a long marriage to one man. Tia who will be turning 54 soon has reasons to celebrate her new life and the new road that she has put herself on, in what she hopes, is the mid-point of her life!

Tia Shurina and Ray Romano

And what inspired her to write Everything and a Happy Ending? “The inspiration to write . . . was twofold – my old & very dear friend, Ray, and also my dad. The relationship we forged later in our lives was what allowed me to move down the path I did with Ray, which was a similar road to the one I had traveled with my dad in the few years before he passed, yet, completely different at the same time. My father’s influence was also hugely instrumental in my taking those writings and using that blessed experience as the basis for my book.”

Tia & Dad

Tia has many nostalgic moments to share. Her story is the story of love between father and daughter that grew more beautiful with time. She fondly recalls, “I’ve slipped back at times on my journey these last few years . . . But blessedly, my dad has found the most remarkable ways to make sure I know he is right beside me, holding my hand and helping when I slip up or fall!  Love never dies, and that bond, that love, that energy, that my dad and I shared, and made a commitment to strengthen at a later point in our lives, changed my entire life.”

We wish Tia, whose book is a personal chronicle of growth and renewal of life, a huge success in days to come!

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