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The Brits Ain’t Having It PM Modi – Protestors In London Are Calling Him Out #ModiNotWelcome

The Brits Ain’t Having It PM Modi – Protestors In London Are Calling Him Out #ModiNotWelcome

Protestors greeted PM Narendra Modi, as he arrived in London for an official meeting, with loud rants. The Brits have made their voice heard – the voice that questions the silence of Narendra Modi on the crimes and atrocities happening in India every single day.

Hundreds of protestors from various groups gathered outside Downing Street and Parliament as the Prime Minister arrived for talks with his British counterpart Theresa May and held placards reading “Modi go back” and “Modi is a terrorist” and “We stand against Modi’s agenda of hate and greed”.

One group of protestors were demonstrating against the rising tide of sexual violence in India, with the recent brutal rape cases of Kathua and Unnao. All of India was shocked when Asifa, a Muslim girl in Jammu and Kashmir was kidnapped, drugged, and held captive for days while she was raped repeatedly and then eventually murdered. What was more shocking than the rape was Modi’s silence and the lack of action taken against the rapist.

In another incident, the state lawmaker from Modi’s own Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been accused of raping a teenager.  Again no action was taken against this politician until the victim threatened to set herself on fire and only after widespread outrage in India after the girl’s father died from injuries he sustained while in police custody.

Other groups supporting the minorities in India made their voices heard too, as the past four years have seen a hike in the murders of Dalits and Muslims in India as the Hindu tidal wave is being overshadowed by hate against other religions.

Also, prominent among the protestors are factions of the Tamilian and Sikh communities who stand in solidarity with the issues that remain unanswered in India.

Modi’s silence has made a lot of noise and its about time.  We support the protestors in London, about time someone stood up to his lack of action.



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