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Saroj Khan’s Justification Of Casting Couch In Bollywood Makes Us *FacePalm*

Saroj Khan’s Justification Of Casting Couch In Bollywood Makes Us *FacePalm*

Saroj Khan Casting Couch

We all have heard about the infamous term casting couch and while no one agrees to be a participant in this degrading practice, it is a widespread syndrome all over the world. To make it simple for you, casting couch is a term used when an employer or a person in power asks his employees or future hires to gratify him/her with a sexual favor in return for career advancement. Sounds absolutely disgusting, right?

Sadly, this is a common trend in our world and people in all fields have been subjected to this humiliation. Lately, it has been highlighted in India due to a brave attempt by Telugu actress Sri Reddy to protest against this injudicious practice.

Saroj Khan Casting Couch

However, yesterday, famous choreographer of Bollywood, Saroj Khan defended casting couch and went on to say that this has been happening for generations and that it’s nothing new or big to create a fuss about. In her own words, at least this practice doesn’t just ‘rape you and leave you, it provides you with work and career possibilities too’. She also said that this is prevalent in every industry so there is no reason to target just the film industry.

Well, we are outraged to hear this and it seems like we weren’t alone because the entire Social Media was in a upheaval after this comment. Many people took to Twitter to slam Saroj Khan:

Many celebrities also stepped up to show their solidarity against Saroj’s comments:

Some even raised the question that why haven’t the powerful people of Bollywood put a stop to it already:

While some others seem to support Saroj Khan by saying that this is what is happening and there is no need to shoot the messenger:

After being slammed by so many tweets, Saroj Khan finally apologized with a simple I’m sorry. I apologize.

This exposes the true nature of Bollywood and how everyone views it. Though the truth is far from shocking, we hope that aspiring actors won’t be seen just as a source of pleasure but respected as actual individuals and not face this humiliation.

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