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Riz Ahmed Brings His British-Pakistani Family Drama – Englistan To BBC

Riz Ahmed Brings His British-Pakistani Family Drama – Englistan To BBC

Riz Ahmed

Looks like 2018 is going to be just as successful a year for Riz Ahmed as 2017! With the BBC officially announcing it’s collaboration with Riz for a nine-part documentary drama series, Englistan, it’s no wonder that he is thrilled!

Englistan, written by Ahmed himself, is the story of three generations of a British-Pakistani family pursuing their dreams over four tumultuous decades, navigating shifting circumstances and evolving loyalties.

The series will reflect the story of three generations of a British Pakistani family, the Latifs; Jamal and Fatima, their children Ashraf, Razia, and Asim, and their grandchildren Zahed, Naseem, and Ayesha.

Riz Ahmed Pakistan

Englistan will re-frame recent British history, and shine a light on the forces that have made British society what it is today. It will take the audience through political movements and economic boom and bust, through gang-land rivalries and assimilation into the heart of the establishment, through spiritual soul-searching and religious conflict.

Riz Ahmed

The show promises to question what it means to be true to oneself, to belong, and whether ‘home’ is a country, a community, or something much more personal. Englistan is a story of family, of the enduring love a family provides, how it sustains us, restricts us, and defines us for better or worse.

Riz Ahmed

“I’m excited to be working with Esther Springer and all the team at BBC Studios,” said Ahmed in a statement. “Englistan is an untold British story with universal themes and resonance. It’s the story I always wanted to tell, and it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to do so.”

Riz Ahmed

Patrick Holland, Controller of BBC Two, added: “Riz Ahmed is a phenomenal talent and Englistan promises to be a hugely ambitious, layered and resonant drama about family and identity. New writing, massive canvas, the biggest issues; it is a perfect drama for BBC Two.”

Though it might be early 2019 before the show airs, we can bet that this will be one awesome show to watch!


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