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Silicon Valley Startup Introduces Slate Of International Crossover Films At Cannes

Silicon Valley Startup Introduces Slate Of International Crossover Films At Cannes

Invar Studios, a film startup venture with offices in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Chennai, India, is bringing its award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) experience ROSE COLORED to screen at the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival next week.  The multi-platform studio creates content that focuses on globally-relevant, inclusive stories that celebrate cultural diversity and authenticity through redemptive themes like LION and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, projects that have Indian roots and international appeal. cannes rose colored

ROSE COLORED, the 2018 Lumiere Award Winner for Best Live Action VR film, is director Adam Cosco’s 16-minute narrative short about a woman who discovers her “perfect” boyfriend is being altered in her augmented perception. The film will screen at Cannes on May 9th, 10th and 11th, 12th, and 13th at the NEXT VR Series at Palais De Festivals. NEXT is the innovation hub of Cannes, offering more than 1,200 square meters to showcase innovation, new technology, virtual/augmented reality and more. ROSE COLOREDexhibited as the pilot for an ambitious, longer form VR series in the futuristic, sci-fi style of hit Netflix series BLACK MIRROR, but more optimistic and character-based. Watch film promo here:

“Virtual Reality represents the ultimate challenge for creative professionals,” said Invar Studios CEO Elizabeth Koshy. “With this project, we took a risk by executing every element at the highest possible level because we believe that innovation to move this emerging industry forward brings the highest possible reward our company can pursue.”rose colored

In addition to sharing their VR film with the world, Invar Studios will also unveil its feature film development slate, which establishes a new vision for what ‘international crossover’ can mean. Koshy will speak on a panel organized by the Indian delegation called Co-Creating magic through Co-Production on May 9th at the India Pavilion.

The INVAR business model seeks to capitalize on all potential crossover between hemispheres, such as producing films with Indian subject matter and international flair, bringing the massive Indian market within reach of U.S. film/television streaming trends and developing collaborations between Indian and Hollywood talent.

Their first feature film, currently in post-production, is an art house drama from the most awarded cinematographer in India, Santosh Sivan, and tells the tragic story of a holy man in the ancient world who slips towards evil. A highly visual experience, SIN, will bring audiences a unique cinematic style, one that will easily translate across all borders.

Other projects in development include COWBOYS AND INDIANS, in pre-production and to be directed by Amy Redford. The story follows an Indian woman shocked to find her daughter marrying a Texas rancher, but soon she finds unexpected solace in the new mother-in-law, both suffering silently through similar struggles. It is a heartfelt drama with strong comedy that prioritizes authenticity in its representations of both cultures, as both character and audience experiences transcend stereotypes.

Invar Studios’ slate also includes: Animated feature BOMBAY DOGS, an adventure of a pampered dog lost in a vivid and enchanting Bombay who teams up with a daring leader of street dogs; mystery thriller PRAANA (currently seeking distribution); DEAN AND JOJO, the beloved true story of a human and animal friendship; the psychological thriller CHASING NIGHTMARES; and MARJANA, a version of “Alibaba and the Forty Thieves” told from the perspective of its real hero, the slave girl who saves the day, and written by acclaimed British writer Farrukh Dhondy.


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