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Tune In Tuesdays – Param Singh And Kamal Kahlon’s Top Trending Jhanjar

Tune In Tuesdays – Param Singh And Kamal Kahlon’s Top Trending Jhanjar


Punjabi tracks tend to be a huge hit all over the world with their enthusiastic beats and soulful lyrics. We bring you this amazing Punjabi track by Param Singh and Kamal Kahlon on this week’s Tune in Tuesdays – Jhanjar. 


Param Singh is the NYC-based Punjabi singer and songwriter, who brings revolutionalized Punjabi music to all listeners, often experiments with Punjabi, urban, folk, pop, bhangra, traditional, and other styles of music to create a unique style, which appeals both to the younger and the older generations.

Jhanjar - Param Singh

Kamal Kahlon is another talented New York-based Punjabi musical artist who has worked on many tracks with the VIP Records music company. He has become a huge sensation among all the music lovers and is quite popular for his bold style and impeccable singing performances.

Jhanjar - Kamal Khalon

Previously, both these artists have worked on some phenomenal musical tracks, like Daru Badnaam but now they are back with another super hit Punjabi track Jhanjar. Param Singh is the lyricist for this beautiful composition while Pratik Studio is the music director who ensured that this song touches the heart of all their listeners. 


The lyrics of this song focuses on how the artists are trying to woo a girl and confessing their feelings for her. You also hear them complimenting her, which makes this a great track to play to your girlfriend as well. Apart from the lyrics, the official video of this song is quite colorful and entertaining, making it a good watch.

The video of this song was released on June 20th and has already received over 4 million views, which is not a surprise at all. Trust us, once you hear this song you would want to play it wherever you go, and surely when you are driving or hanging out with friends. 

So, what are you waiting for? Listen to this groovy track now!

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