DJ Sharad + DJ Juicy Present The Butter Chicken Podcast Featuring Jaz Dhami

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The Butter Chicken Podcast is all set with @DJSharad + @DJJuicy. This week, the Butter Chicken boys sit down with the exceptionally talented and world-renowned, @TheJazDhami. Jaz discusses his classical training background and the people who have been an inspiration to him both professionally and personally.

butter chicken

Other ingredients in this week’s dish include Jaz’s most illustrious achievements and where his musical journey and career are headed. You don’t want to miss this simmering conversation! Grab some extra napkins, because this one is cooked with extra sauce!

butter chicken

DJ Sharad and DJ Juicy are first-generation Indians who were both born in Queens, New York and then raised on Long Island. Growing up in New York they looked forward to family parties just so they could get their hands on that fresh butter chicken. Years later, as world traveling DJs no matter where they go a party ain’t a party until that butter chicken is served. The butter chicken podcast aims to shed light on successful individuals doing great things and continuing to inspire others. The butter chicken podcast serves as a place for casual conversation and real-life stories.

butter chicken

Butter chicken will forever be a favorite amongst food lovers all over the globe for us. They believe butter chicken is a celebration of life as it is vibrant and colorful and full of flavor. Butter chicken is rich in every sense of the world. We share conversation over butter chicken. We bond over butter chicken. But the chicken is a lifestyle. Actually butter chicken is life.

They wanted to find a name that illustrates the multiplicity of the South Asian diaspora. Like butter chicken and its layers, they share conversations with those who continue to push culture and inspire others and highlight their growing impact on the world. 

Make sure to head over to the @ButterChickenPodcast SoundCloud page to hear the whole episode! And stay tuned to their Instagram page for exclusive clips from behind the scenes at the Butter Chicken Studio.


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